You & I

Niall is the qute dep nerd while harry sweet hot sexy harry he is the bad boy why? Cuz hes emo or at least labeled as one. Sam finds herself stuck in between to tottaly diffrent guys helping them with their struggles. While zayn her brother helps her realize what she never expected.


3. The little tree


I turned around and looked at the beach, today is the day. No more pain no more crying just peace. I walked around the tree where i met sam i grabbed the rope id hide their. And grabed a big rock near the tree and located it under the branch. I tied on the rope tight on the tree and then double checked then i tied a lose knot on the other end and hooked it around my neck.

"One" i said i looked up at my whatch and it was 6:30pm

"Two" i said i stared at the beach and wave one last time

"Three" i said, "Goodbye mom i love you with all my heart but i just cant live in this world like this i hope you understand. Sam its not your fault i just need to do this pleas dont blame yourself and i truly did love you with-"

"No!!!" I heard a scream and turned around. "Please, NIALL dont im begging you!!"

"S-Ssam?" I asked confused 'stop it' 'forget her jump junp now' I took a foot of the rock.

"Niall when i first met you it was the best day of my life i had met a guy who not only understood me but avtually liked me. I am truley greatful for that but i have a reason i said no please take that off your neck and let me explain" she walked closer. I closed my eyes 'NO she is messing with your head dont be stupid'

I felt her come close and take the rope off my neck. She then hugged me it felt nice really good actually. "Explain then" i said.

"I-its not because of harry" she said as she looked at her shoes. "I dont like harry and i dont like you Niall i like this other person"

My eyes narrowed 'wow you should have jumped' "what are you try say here?"

"Niall i dont like guys" i said "i like girls, i have been for a little while now and i was gunna tell you this afternoon but then i recieved your text."

"Your lesbian?"

"Yeah" she said, she grabbed her arm and said "i know its stupid an-"

"Your perfect dont worry and that lucky girl who ever you may find is very lucky"

"Actually i do i have a gf her names Veronica."

I gave her a weak smile and grabbed her hand "i guess i havw no hope huh?"

"I dont know i havent slept with a girl yet" she said. "Remember are first time?" She smiled

I smiled back at her "how could i ever forget it was the second best day ever. The first was when i met you." She smiled and leaned on me and put her head on my shoulder.

"Its really beautiful out here" she said "remember that promise?"

"That this will be our place our little secret?" I replied with a smirk

"Yeah, can we still keep it that way?" She said and looked up at me.

"of course we can forever and always" i said i took out my blade and turned around. "Remeber this?" I asked

There was a heart and N+S was carved inside it "sam smiled Yeah. Those were some good times"

"Want me to cross it off?" I said hoping shed say no

"No i like it" she told me

"I took the blade the my right hand and started carving under the heart as i finished it ended up saying 'Forever You & I' i took a step back and we both stared at it.

"We should be heading home its getting really dark now" she said. I looked at the little tree it was beautiful filled with so many memories. "Yeah lets go" i said and we both got out and walked home.

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