You & I

Niall is the qute dep nerd while harry sweet hot sexy harry he is the bad boy why? Cuz hes emo or at least labeled as one. Sam finds herself stuck in between to tottaly diffrent guys helping them with their struggles. While zayn her brother helps her realize what she never expected.


2. Memories


Fuck im so stupid!!! Sam would never like a guy like me. I walked to the front door and opened it.

"Hey honey where u going?" My mom asked.

"Ima walk aroud and think, and maybe take a visit to where sam and i used to hang but goodbye mom i love you!" I walked out and closed the door. Today was the day i was gunna finish this for the best i cant keep smiling when in reality im not happy.

I was a few feet away from the beach i took a left turn into a tree, ducked under and over to the other side. I smelled the fresh summer air. 'Memories' i thought to myself. I looked at the little tree where i met sam.


"Hey cutie what are you doing here?" A beautiful girl walked towards me and sat next to me leaning against that tree.

"Im always here, this is my home." I smiled and said, "and btw the only cutie here is the one sittig next to me" i saw her blush a little.

"you live here?" She asked confused

"No, i live with my mom but this is like a second home. Its where i can-" she interupted me "where you can escape the world and feel free to be yourself" she smiled and looked ino my eyes. Wow this girl was gorgeous the way her eyes sparkled in the sunset her beautiful wavy brown hair.

"Yeah" i smiled," how did you know?"

"I came here, i come here everyday since i found it." She smiled and i grabed her hand. It was soft her nails were long and painted black.

"I bet you hear this everywhere you go but you are so beautiful!" I said. I saw her blush an look at are hands interwind. "Thank you but no. Im not" i could see her eyes they werefilled with so much sadness but they were filled with hope.

"Lets make this our little secret" i said "just you & i" she smiled and agreed.

*end of flashback*

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