You & I

Niall is the qute dep nerd while harry sweet hot sexy harry he is the bad boy why? Cuz hes emo or at least labeled as one. Sam finds herself stuck in between to tottaly diffrent guys helping them with their struggles. While zayn her brother helps her realize what she never expected.


1. I like you


'Beep beep beep' i quickly ran to my bed and grabed my phone. I had 3 new messages from Niall.

'Hey sam'

'Um can i ask you something

Its very important plz reply fast!?'

'Plz dont be mad'

I got scared for a moment, what could be so important??

'Hey Niall!! Whats your mind??'

'Sam!! So happy u replied!!'

'Why wouldnt i??'

'Sam i like you'


'I have liked you since i first

Met you and i just cant seem

To get you off my mind lately.

I know that you like Harry...

And he likes you back but i just

Cant help it.. Ive fallen for you.'

'Niall plz dont make this any harder

I know you like me i can sence it but

I just dont feel the same way im sorry'

'Okay. Sorry. I understand. GOODBYE'

'What niall we can still be friends!!?'


He hasnt replied back.. I got up put my shoes on and walked down stairs.

"Hey where you going??" My mom asked.

"Oh ima go out with niall for a few ill be back soon!! Love you bye" i said as i opened and closed the door behind. Damit why doesnt he reply maybe ill call him. I clicked on his number and it rang after the 3rd ring he picked up.

"Niall!!" I yelled

"Oh no sweety it his mom!" She said sweetly

"Oh hi, um is niall there??"

"Oh no he said he was gunna take a walk and jump off of some place you and him went too? Idk what its called"

Shit he cant "okay thank you i guess ill go there then thank you!"

"Okay bye sweety" and then she hung up before i could say bye.

I stood their motionless for a few seconds then i remebered NIALL!! I ran as fast as i could hopeing i wasnt to late!!

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