Rival X Rival

Yuki Inoue has always been the perfect role model for Yamada High. She has everything a girl would ever want-Intelligence, beauty, strength, talent, and maturity. In reality, she is ignorant and stubborn, putting up the good girl act only to be praised and accepted by her family. But when a boy named Kyo transfers from overseas, Yuki's world has turned upside down. Yuki is no longer the number one student in Yamada High, instead, Kyo is! Yuki declares a rivalry between them, but what will interfere between these two? Find out in this romantic comedy, Rival X Rival!




    © Copyright 2014 by S.O.R.A. All rights reserved.



      "Damn! Yuki got first place again!" Everyone sighed and looked towards my direction. I smiled, waiting for the impact of a million compliments directed to me. "Yuki! How is this possible? You're so intelligent!" one of the students said in complete surprise. 

"Yeah, Yuki! Yuki! Please teach us, Yuki-sama!" I smirked as they pampered me on and on with their pitiful pleading and compliments. I love this feeling, who wouldn't enjoy it? I looked at the board, listing the students who had gotten into the top fifty in the mid-term exams. I had gotten first place, because I am formidable and undefeatable. I may seem pompous, but the feelings of victory and success are all I need in order to live a life where I am guaranteed not to fail.

I walked across the screaming crowds and groups, surrounding me with their beautiful compliments, empowering me. "Yuki is truly the best! Our role model!" Everyone nodded in agreement. I pleasantly smiled, but truthfully, I was a demon, lusting for more praising and compliments.

I do not know the definition of defeat and loss, because I have everything a student would ever want. I was the Yuki Inoue, until he came.





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