my only dream[ a Louis tomilson love story ]

A girl name Maddie meet a guy name Louis Tomlinson when he walked on Maddie getting abused by her mom he takes her and trys to keep her safe


2. travel

-Louis p.o.v-


We stoped at a pit stop somewhere in las Vegas

Maddie was on the phone with her grandma to see if we can stay there for a wile.

"Nothing?" She looked over and shook her head no and looked back at the phone

I went over to a guy who was playing a guitar and asked him if he would let me borrow it "yea dude" I walk over to maddie she looked at me and smiled "maddie this song is to you " I was singing a song called  irresistible.


"I love you " she hugged me and kissed me and the guy who had the guitar told me to have it.

"Thank you" he drove off waving at me and maddie. 

We got into the van. She plopped down on the bed "gosh " I do the same thing and she comes over to me "why do you love me?" " I love you because you make me feel alive" she hugged me"I love you because you  are my hero"  I kissed her "I am not a hero" "don't say that,you are a hero and if you love me I love you"  

She fell asleep in my arms. Her hair is so pretty a dark brown, almost a hazel Brown.

I stroke my fingers in her hair. She starts to smile "what are you doing?" "Stroking your hair"

"Why?" "I don't know" she turns over to me "I know" I smile "what is it" she climbs over me as I am still laying down on the bed "because a hero always gets a surprise"

"What do you mean?"  She smiles and kisses me,oh now I get it...oh no 



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