my only dream[ a Louis tomilson love story ]

A girl name Maddie meet a guy name Louis Tomlinson when he walked on Maddie getting abused by her mom he takes her and trys to keep her safe


3. be mine,and only mine

*maddies p.o.v*

i wake up to louis holding me.

i just did't want to move.i felt safe in his arms.

he smiled and put his face next to mine.

"so how much do you love me?"

i smile"lots"

"well you are going to love me more" 

he showed me tickets to his home town. i jumped up and hugged him. then he looked into my eyes.

"how can a girl as beautiful like you love a guy like me"

i smiled and he kissed my noes.


i smiled and we went into the front seat.

"can we go now"

he looks down and looks back at me and smiles

"lets do this thing"


As we get onto the airplane louis starts to freak out. "babe,are you okay" he looks at me  and smiles "yeah fine" 

i kiss him and he smiles. as we sit in row a-12 a lady with two bags comes and sits with us "well hello,how are you today "

"good " that's when it happened


"louis....LOUIS"  i started to cry as he was pushed of onto the gurney.

(at the hospital)

hours and hours....tear after tear running down my face thinking  he was gone....all he has done for me and now...gone.

The doctor comes up to me "miss tomlinson" i look at her will tear full eyes "he is okay " i smiled and she showed me to his room " m.maddie" i kiss him...his lips were soft and sweet; i look back into his green eyes "i love you " he smiles and tries to get up but is too weak "lay down babe you need some rest " he lays down and looks at me "can you lay next to me" i could not resist i laid  down right next to him he rapped his arms around me he looked at me with his big green eyes "i love you" he kisses the top of my head and soon falls asleep.


we were in his hometown. he looked at me  as he was holding my hand ; when we got out of the hospital  we were going to his moms but he needed to rest so we were in is we are going to meet his family (ring ring ) the door bell goes through  the house the door opens to my eyes to see a woman at the door. "louis" she hugs him and then looks at me "who are you ?"


*louis p.o.v*

" name is maddie" she said in a shy kinda way

my mom looks at her and smiles "come on in "

"mum, did you decorate the place "  i ask wile  putting my arm around maddie "yes i-" she looks out the window . i look also ,it was snowing  maddie walks outside and looks up too the sun....god she was beautiful. she runs up to me and i look at her " are you okay " "its-cold" i take of my jacket and put it around her,she smiles and stand on the tips of her feet and kisses me  then she looks at me with her big blue eyes and i lead toward her and kissed her and i whispered  in her ear " will you be mine.."  

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