Burlesque Girl

He threw the bottle to the ground and stormed out of the club. "Michael! Wait!" I ran after him in tears not caring that my make up was getting ruined. He ignored me and continued to walk to his car. "Christi! Let him go!" Luke called out from behind. "Michael!" I grabbed onto his arm and he pushed me away. I fell to the empty parking space and the tears began to overwhelm me. "I told you a million times! Now I'm done. I'm sure you two will be happy together!" He slammed the car door and drove out of the parking lot, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I stood up and pushed Luke away. "I told you to stay out of it!" I yelled still crying. "I was only trying to help." He said. "Well you should've stopped helping! You ruined everything! Just get out of here and don't come back!" I started toward the entrance of the club, wiping my years away. "But…I love you…" he said under his breath.


9. This isn't real

I watched as sweet pea went back stage. I had been staring at her practically the whole night. I never liked her to be honest. She was really narcissistic and rude. I was friends with practically every single girl except her. No one really liked her. She thought she was the best of the best. When really. Her cocky attitude just made her a complete bitch. I wouldn't be surprised if she tried to put the moves on Michael. What would surprise me was if Michael actually gave in. I just couldn't wrap my mind around the fact that Michael would ever cheat on me.

Just thinking about her and Michael added gasoline to the fire. I was burning up just sinking into these thoughts. I slammed down the tray and marched backstage into and headed toward the dressing rooms. I heard laughter and giggles down the hall. I approached sweet peas door. and took a deep breath and swung the door open. 

Michael was standing in the middle of the room shirtless with his back facing me. I knew it was him because of his dyed hair. Sweet Pea was at her Mirror reapplying her lipstick. Michael saw my face through the mirror.

 It's funny really. I had come prepared with a number of things to say to that girl but just seeing this. With my own eyes. It kept me speechless and my mind itself blank. It was sick really. Instead of leaving as fast as I could I stood there staring at everything. Like I was glued to the floor or something.

"Christina..." Michael's eyes were widened. He spun around trying to think of something to say.

Finally. My feet were free to move. So was my mouth. "Wow..." I sighed. "Screwing a girl in the same building as your girlfriend. At least other guys have the common curtisy to do it somewhere else." I slammed the door shut and quickly ran down the hall and backstage. I tried holding my tears in but they found their way out. I just knew that this waterproof make up probably couldn't work against the river that was about to come out of my eyes.

I ran into Candace and she immediately saw that I was crying.

"My god Baby are you alright?" She asked

"Christina wait!" I heard Michael call out. 

I kept running and ran out into the bar. Many eyes followed me as I kept running though the club. I stormed out of the front doors and out into the parking lot. A few cars slammed on the breaks and honked at me. I just ignored them. I then ran straight in front of a black truck avalanche. The hit the breaks and stepped out of the drivers seat. It was Luke. 

"Christina are you okay?" He asked.

"Christina!" Michael called out from the club entrance.

I Looked at Michael and then back at Luke. "Get me out of here! please." I begged.

He nodded. "Okay." He ran over to the passengers side and opened the door. I quickly jumped in and her got into the drivers side. I could hear Michael yelling as we drove off. I had never been so disgusted by even the thought of him.


Sophomore year:

The music was pounding against my ear drum. I wasn't even tipsy or even buzzed and I had drank a 4 loco and didn't feel a thing. I went into the restroom and stared at myself in the mirror. I looked horrible. I didn't look like old Christina. Just by the dark circles under my eyes I looked like I was insane. I pulled out the bottle of XTC in my pocket and stared at the bottle. I thought about the words Jerod had said to me earlier. A tear fell into the sink and I watched it as it slid down into the drain. I opened the bottle and looked into it. I walked over to the toilet and poured the pills into it and flushed them down.

I threw the bottle into the trash and made my way to the front door. I had to get out of here. Everyone was scarfing down drugs. I shouldn't be here. This wasn't me. Since when so I do this? What the hell was wrong with me!? I was 16 and had connections to these things. 

I pushed past the teens and finally made it to the front door. I exited the house. It was a toxic house. Filled with broken down people.Horny people. Drunk and intoxicated bastards who wanted a way out. I began walking away from the house and began crying. I walked down the street and Suddenly heard footsteps following me. 

I slightly tuned around and saw a few boys from the party. They were following me. I knew they were because I made a turn and they turned. 

"Hey baby where you going?" Once of them said. There was 3 of them. 

I began walking faster and they caught up to me. One of them placed their hands on my cheek. I slapped his hand away. Suddenly one of them tried to grab onto my neck and I flipped out. I pushed him away and began running. I hauled ass down that street and turned onto a road. I ran across the street causing cars to slam onto their breaks. They got out of their car and I had never been so relieved in my entire life. It was Jerod.

"Christina are you okay?" He asked.

"Where you going baby!" They called out from the other side of the road.

I Looked at them and then back at Jerod. "Get me out of here. Please." I begged.

He nodded. "Okay." He ran over to the passengers side and opened the door. I quickly jumped in and her got into the passengers side. I stared at the dark sky as we began to drive off into the night.


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