Burlesque Girl

He threw the bottle to the ground and stormed out of the club. "Michael! Wait!" I ran after him in tears not caring that my make up was getting ruined. He ignored me and continued to walk to his car. "Christi! Let him go!" Luke called out from behind. "Michael!" I grabbed onto his arm and he pushed me away. I fell to the empty parking space and the tears began to overwhelm me. "I told you a million times! Now I'm done. I'm sure you two will be happy together!" He slammed the car door and drove out of the parking lot, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I stood up and pushed Luke away. "I told you to stay out of it!" I yelled still crying. "I was only trying to help." He said. "Well you should've stopped helping! You ruined everything! Just get out of here and don't come back!" I started toward the entrance of the club, wiping my years away. "But…I love you…" he said under his breath.


10. How & why?

Luke walked me inside to his condo. It was beautiful. It left me speechless.

"Wow..." I silently said to myself.

He began picking up a few cloths on the floor. "Please excuse the mess. I wasn't expecting company." He said.

I shook my head. Don't worry about it." I stood there in the doorway taking in all this.

"Please. Make yourself at home." He said.

I slowly took steps into the place. My heels echoing throughout the home. I made my way to the nice black leather couch which was incredibly comfortable.

"Do you umm..." He tried to think of what to say. "Your..." He sighed. "Do you want any clothes to change into? I don't want you in your work clothes all day.

I looked down at the half clothes I was wearing. I nodded. "If that's okay..."

"Yeah. Yeah! Of course." He started for the spiral staircase. "Come on."

I kicked off my heels and followed him up to him bedroom. 

It was bigger than my entire living room. He went into his dresser and pulled out a T shirt and sweat pants. He awkwardly handed it to me. "I umm...don't really know your style or anything..." He bit his lip piercing. "You know what umm...Just hel yourself to my dresser and you can look in the closet and see what fits." He trailed off as he looked away from me. 

I could clearly see I was making him nervous. But why?"

"Umm...I'm gonna go downstairs and...Make something..." He headed toward the door. "Do you like pizza? I mean I can't make pizza, but- well I mean I can make pizza if you want but it taste beeter oredered or-"

"Pizza sounds great." I grinned at him.

He breathed out and smiled. "Yeah ok. Again please make yourself at home. The bathroom is right through those doors if you wanted to shower or anything."

Thank you." I said softly."

He smiled before finally leaving and shutting the door.

I breathed out. I wanted to drop to the floor and just let it all out, but Michael didn't deserve a single tear from me. I gave him everything and he just...wasted it on some slut at the club. How could I just let this happen right under my nose? how blind was I really? What else had Michael been doing behind my back?

I looked through Luke's dresser, I opened the first couple drawers and then the last one which was a mistake since it was his underwear drawer...  

I giggled at half of them. They were super hero boxers. I pulled out the batman ones and they would fit me like shorts so why not?

I laughed at the image of walking downstairs in batman boxers.

I then picked out a shirt and picked a black muscle shirt.

I went into the bathroom to take a quick shower.

I stood under the shower head so close to breaking down. All of the images of Jerod and then Michael cheating on me. I couldn't comprehend what the hell I did wrong.

I turned off the water and wrapped myself in a towel. I regretted that decision the second I saw my face. I washed off all my make up. I felt so naked and ugly. 

I put on the clothes and dried my hair as much as I could with the towel. I pulled my wet curly hair into a ponytail and headed downstairs.

I waited to see Luke's reaction to the batman boxers.

He was on the sofa watching how I met your mother. He looked over at me and laughed.

"It's funny you choose those. Those are actually my favorite."

"Really?" I asked.

"Yeah, I actually kind of look like batman. I probably am batman. I don't know." He winked.

I giggled. "I honestly didn't mean to go through your underwear drawer I just opened it and bam there it was."

He shook his head. "No it's fine they fit you quite nicely." He smiled looking up at me.

We stayed that was for a good few seconds.

He cleared his throat. "So umm...I ordered pizza...pepperoni...if that's okay i didn't know what you liked."

"That's fine I like pepperoni."

He stood up and took a deep breath. "So umm, you looked like you had a bad day..."

I shook my head. "It's fine, you don't have to listen to me and my problems."

"No! Please my sister trained me for this." He walked into the kitchen searching his freezer. "Ahh, here it is." He pulled out dutch chocolate ice cream and placed it on the counter. I nearly fell back in laughter.

He continued to look into his cabinets and pulled out chips-a-hoy cookies.

I continued to laugh. 

He then pulled out 2 spoons and brought everything to the living room and placed it on the coffee table. He grabbed the remote and switched it to Netflix and put on the notebook.

"Oh my god." I buried my face into my hands dying of laughter. This was getting serious.

"Okay, am I missing anything?" He asked.

I peeked through my fingers looking at him.

He waited for my response. 

I thought this was so sweet. He was actually willing to listen to my crying and sad stories.

"No...this is good." I reached for a the spoons and handed him one.

We sat there on the couch eating from a carton of ice cream and he just sat there and listened. For some reason I started at the beginning. The very beginning. from when I first met Jer...then the crash...then my depression faze and to my suicide faze and all through loosing him and to Michael. I told him everything. I don't know why. Why was it so easy to tell this stranger my life story. I saw everything I brought up Michael Luke would roll his eyes and look away for a second. But every time a tear would come out of my eyes he looked directly at me in such sorrow. And just by looking into his eyes. I felt so comforted. It was literally like looking at Jerod.

"And so...I walk in and he's standing there in Sweet slutty pea's dressing room." 

He looked down at his lap. "He's an idiot." he said. "I don't quite understand why he'd give you up just like that." He looked up at me. "I could't bare to let you slip through my fingers like that."

I bit my lip..."Im sorry..." I said.

"For what?" He looked confused.

"For not realizing you were there."

He smiled. "If you were mine- I...I-I- Umm...I mean he can't just -Umm..." He stopped talking and looked away.

I smiled. He was acting this way again.. "Do I make you nervous?" I asked.

He bit his lip piercing. "If I'm honest..." He continued to look away from me. "Your very presence drives me insane..." He finally looked at me. 

There was that look again. I wanted to look away but the very comfort he gave me...It was to much to pass up. 

"I don't know why but you make me so nervous I feel like everything I say is just wrong. By even just your fingertips..."He took my hand and played with the feeling for a moment. "the way you look with your eyes." He looked into them. "Then when I see your lips. I am just..." He began moving closer to my face. "Just so tempted...to just..." He got so close to my lips.

We were practically kissing. I could feel his cold lip piercing barley touching my lips. 

"To just kiss them."

He jumped back at the sound of the doorbell ringing.

"That umm...is probably the pizza." 

I shut my eyes and bit onto my lip. Every single part of me wanted to kiss him so bad. yet I couldn't let it happen like this. I don't know why it felt like the wrong time I just couldn't do this now.

He shut the door bringing in 2 boxes of pizza and placing it on the table. He picked up the carton and put the cover back on and placed it into the freezer. He cleaned up the spoons and the cookies. 

I watched him as he did all this. Just lost into him.

He brought over napkins and placed them down. He opened the box and looked over to me.

Everything I had just thought of before was gone. Now every bone inside me was saying fuck it.

I cupped his face and pressed my lips against his. Now his lip piercing was definitely touching my lips.

I slowly pulled away and he sat there for a moment. H e took a deep breath before placing his hand on my cheek and kissing me once more.



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