Burlesque Girl

He threw the bottle to the ground and stormed out of the club. "Michael! Wait!" I ran after him in tears not caring that my make up was getting ruined. He ignored me and continued to walk to his car. "Christi! Let him go!" Luke called out from behind. "Michael!" I grabbed onto his arm and he pushed me away. I fell to the empty parking space and the tears began to overwhelm me. "I told you a million times! Now I'm done. I'm sure you two will be happy together!" He slammed the car door and drove out of the parking lot, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I stood up and pushed Luke away. "I told you to stay out of it!" I yelled still crying. "I was only trying to help." He said. "Well you should've stopped helping! You ruined everything! Just get out of here and don't come back!" I started toward the entrance of the club, wiping my years away. "But…I love you…" he said under his breath.


1. Gone

"Okay. I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 500." Jerod said. "It's 3." I quickly said." "How did you get three out of 500 numbers?" "It doesn't matter It's still three." "You know me to well babe." He said grabbing my hand to hold it. "It's my job." I said smiling. Jerod and I were out driving to buy pizza for dinner. It was already 9 and we hadn't eaten. Jerod and I had been together for almost 3 years now. I was completely in love with him. Ever since freshman year we had been together.

He was my everything. He would protect me from my family. From myself even. I treated myself so poorly. The way my family treated me…Jerod was always there for me. Which was why I lied him so much.

Every time we went out driving we would always play mini games like this.

"Okay I spy with my little eyes a-"

"It's either the mirrors or the car behind us." He answered before I could even finish. "You don't know that." I joked.

"You didn't say I was wrong."

I laughed. We sat there quietly for a moment as we pulled up to a red light. A car started honking at us. "Hey buddy it's at a red light!" Jerod yelled out.

The guy then showed us his middle finger.

"He flicked us off." Jerod pointed out. "Okay blow kisses." He said.

I laughed and blew a kiss to the guy which pissed him off even more. We cracked up. "Hey jerbear its a green light." I said. We then pushed the gas slowly to tease the guy behind us. He started honking and swearing. We kept on laughing. I then looked over at his window. There was a truck going full speed at a red light. "Jerod!" I shouted. Suddenly the truck went straight at us causing the car to flip. I felt my head pressing againt the roof of the car which was making my neck bend.. I then realized the car was upside down. My body was weak and I couldn't move. I tried to turn my head to look at jerod but, I couldnt move anything. "Jer..." My voice trailed off. I then felt my eyes started to shut and I felt myself dozing off as the sounds of car horns trailed off.

I opened my eyes and closed them halfway from the bright white room. I sat up causing pain throught my body. I looked around the room and realized I wasn't home. I was in a hospital. I had badages on my head and leges. My head felt like I got hit by a train. A nurse then came into the room."Mrs. Regan." She said. "Your up. How do you feel?"

"Like I have a migraine." I said. "What am I doing here?"

She grew quiet. The expression on her face scared me a little bit.

"You were in a car crash."

I then remembered the sounds of car horns and flashing lights. "What's the last thing you remember?" She asked.

"Well I remember Jerod and I were out to buy pizza and this guy flicked him off and then this truck came straight at us and-" I stopped myself. "Where's Jerod?" I pulled the sheets off myself.

"Ms. Regan it's best you stay in bed." She said walking over to my bed side. "Where is jerod!?" My voice began to tremble. She looked away from me.


"He what?"

"He umm..." She still had her faced turned away from me.

"Look at me!" I demanded. She finally looked at me.

"Where is jerod?" I said in a calmer voice.

She took a deep breath. "He...Didn't survive the crash." Tears began building up in my eyes. A lump in my throat began to form, I could barley swallow my spit. Tears began rushing down my faceandI could barley get any breath. "When we reached your car the drivers side was entirely smashed in. He wasn't moving. When we managed to get him out he was already dead."

"No! NO! He's not gone! He can't leave me! We were supposed to get married!"

"I'm sorry..."

"He was supposed to be the one waiting on the aisle for me." I couldn't speak anymore. The tears were beggining to overwhelm me. I could barley breathe. I had nothing anymore. The one perfect person who made my life worth living was gone...

He was the one who protected me. He would sneak into my window and cuddle with me to keep me safe. He- he was gone…

6 months later:

I placed my bag down as I entered my home.

I pulled my blonde hair up into a ponytail. And walked passed the living room hoping my dad wouldn't call me in.

I made it to bottom of the staircase but, that was as far as I could go.

"Christina!" He called out.

I sighed. Next time I'm running...I thought.

I walked into the loving room where my dad was sitting in his chair with a beer in his hand.

"Yes?" I asked.

"So you just got back from school?" He asked.

I nodded.

"We'll get your ass in the kitchen and help you mom make dinner." He demanded.

"I have home work."

"And I'm hungry."

"Why don't you make it yourself?" I spat at him.

He laughed. "I'm not a woman. The kitchen is where you belong. So get in there."

"You pathetic." I said under breath and walked toward the kitchen.

"What!?" He yelled out.

"Yeah! That's right nothing! You stupid brat."

As I entered the kitchen my mom was layering lasagna.

"Hey mom do you need help?" I asked.

"Yeah, make a salad." She said.

I grabbed a plastic Bowl for the salad and pulled the lettuce out of the fridge.

"So how was school?" She asked.

I began breaking the lettuce and dropping it into the bowl.

"It was long and boring."

"Why because jerbear isn't there anymore?" She mocked my voice.

I looked down at the bowl trying to ignore her question.

"It's been what like a year since he died? Get over it sweetie there's other fish in the sea." She said practically laughing at me. "He wasn't a looker anyway."

I slammed the lettuce down into the bowl. "Who are you to be talking!? Your married to a pathetic ass who sits in the living room all day and who has created you into his personal made and your judging me!? Jerod protected me!-" I choked on my own words as tears began to fall down my cheeks. "Jerod will always be better than both of you put together dead or alive!"

I quickly ran upstairs and into my bedroom and locked the door. I buried my face into my pillow and the a river just came pouring out of my eyes.

I hated lying here alone. I hated not having his arms wrap around me and having him comfort me. Everything that I had been holding in these past months was now hitting me like a train.

A gait lump in my throat formed and a pain in my stomach grew. My tears made my bison blurry and I could barley breath.

I looked over at my window and pictured Jerod crawling into my room and jumping onto my bed and just making me happy.

Imagining this make me die more on the inside. I wanted to get out if this hell hole. I was done with this stupid thing that was called a family. I hated my mom and my dad. I couldn't take it anymore.

I nearly jumped at the sound of banging on my door. "Get your ass out of there and help your mom you stupid little shit!" My dad yelled.

I opened the door and there he was. His face was red and his beer belly hanging out.

"Go. Do. It. Your. Fucking. Self." I breathed out.

Before I knew it, his hands were attached to my hair and dragging me out of my room and pushing me down the stairs...or trying to.

The second he let go of my hair I quickly moved out if the way and he fell forward and began tumbling down the stairs.

My eyes widened as he finally hit the bottom step. Realizing what I just did. My mom ran out of the kitchen and fell to her knees trying to help him.

She looked up at me in tears and chased me into my bedroom.

I quickly shit it and locked it. She hit the door continually wanting to cause harm on me.

"You fucking bitch! Get the hell out of here! Don't you ever come back!" She cried.

I fell to the floor as tears started up again. I couldn't go back down there. I just couldn't.

I searched around my room for a bag. I began stuffing as many clothes into it as possible.

Once the bag was full I opened my window and climbed out.

I walked across the roof top. Just being up their created tingles throughout my fingertips. I dropped my bag to the ground and climbed down the tree.

I picked up my bag and began running. Running down the street and out of this neighborhood. Away from them and anyone who would recognize me.

Once I ran out of breath to run I continued by walking. I walked for hours and didn't stop. Not turning around. Not even a glimpse behind me. I just walked. The sun was down and it was about 8 now. My feet hurt but I payed no mind,

I reach a neighborhood that looked familiar but, I wasn't sure if I had been here before.

I then heard loud music coming up from behind me.

It slowed down once it was by me.

"Hey baby!" A voice called out.

"Hey!" Another voice called out.

I ignored the sight if them and still continued to walk. I knew that these guys were drunk so I just ignored them.

I heard them laughing and cracking jokes to one another.

"Hey! Let's play titanic! You be iceberg and I'll go down!" One yelled out.

"Go fuck yourself!" I yelled finally looking at them.

I then recognized one of them. Dyed hair, dark lips, perfect smile.

"Christi?" He said.

I stopped walking and the car stopped along with me.

The passenger door opened and Michael approached me.

"Christi are you okay?" He asked.

I looked away from him and began walking again.

"Christi." He placed his hand in my shoulder. He could tell something was wrong. He could read me like a book half the time. He was one of my closest friends. Michael Jerod and I would hang out all the time. He had just graduated early a year ago and was spending what would've been his señor year partying and drinking. But ever since the accident he had been helping me out with my family.

I gripped onto my bag and looked away from him.

"Are you- your running away." He stated.

I pulled away from him and began walking again.

"Christi!" He called out.

He walked back to his car and got into the drivers side.

I looked back and the guys in his car hopped out and went into the house across the street. Michael pulled up next to me and opened up the passenger door.

"Get in." He said.

I looked away and ignored what he said.

He clicked his teeth and got out if his car. He walked right in front of me and tossed me over his shoulder.

"Michael!" I yelled dropping my bag.

He placed me into the passenger seat and shut the door. He picked up my bag from the side walk and tossed it into the back seat.

He got into the car and began driving.

"So what the hell is going on."

We drove around for about and hour. I told him everything that had happened and what was on my mind. For the most part I was bailing my eyes out. We finally pulled up in front if his place where he lived with Agee of his friends. He had me wait in the car for him for a little bit.

As soon as he came out he had 2 suitcases and a large bag he was holding.

He threw it into the backseat and hopped back into the drivers side.

"What are you-"

"If you think I'm gonna let you leave by yourself you fucking crazy." He said pulling out if the driveway.

"Were are we going?" I asked.

"I don't know. But were getting the hell out of here."

I picked my feet up and placed them onto the seat. I laid back in the seat and watched as each street light passed by the window.

I was pretty happy I wasn't going to do this by myself. I didn't know what was gonna happen but, honestly. As long as I wasn't home I was free. I was finally out of hell.

"Take a nap." He said. "It's gonna be a while." He turned on the radio as I closed my eyes. The music drifted away as I fell asleep.

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