Burlesque Girl

He threw the bottle to the ground and stormed out of the club. "Michael! Wait!" I ran after him in tears not caring that my make up was getting ruined. He ignored me and continued to walk to his car. "Christi! Let him go!" Luke called out from behind. "Michael!" I grabbed onto his arm and he pushed me away. I fell to the empty parking space and the tears began to overwhelm me. "I told you a million times! Now I'm done. I'm sure you two will be happy together!" He slammed the car door and drove out of the parking lot, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I stood up and pushed Luke away. "I told you to stay out of it!" I yelled still crying. "I was only trying to help." He said. "Well you should've stopped helping! You ruined everything! Just get out of here and don't come back!" I started toward the entrance of the club, wiping my years away. "But…I love you…" he said under his breath.


2. Babydoll

1 year later:

I put on my red lipstick and Finished curling my hair.

"Babydoll." A voice said from behind. It was Candace. She owned the burlesque club and was kind enough to let me work here last year.

"Yes?" I asked putting the curl iron down.

"You and Cherry are on in five." She handed me a blue sparkly mike. It said: Babydoll across it. I held onto it tightly. Some of The glitter was rubbing off onto my hand but, I didn't mind.

"Okay thank you." I headed to the dressing room which is where Cherry was.

There she was. With her perfect hour glass body and her fiery colored red hair. She was fluffing out her skirt to make it more poofy. Once I stepped in she stared at both of us in the mirror.

"Do you ever wonder how different we can make ourselves look just by throwing on make up?" She asked.

I stood there staring at myself in the mirror. My lips Cherry red. My eyeliner which was circles as it went off the side of my eyes. My blush which made my cheeks a perfect shade of pink.

I looked away from the mirror and snapped out of my thoughts. "We're on in 5." I said.

She smiled and picked up her mike which was sitting on the sofa.

She held out her arm for me to hook onto and we walked onto the stage together. I switched the button on my mike to on and waited for the music to begin.

I stared out into the crowd searching for his face. I saw hands waving around in the back which made a smile appear across my face. He had dies his hair once again. This time it was pink. He smiled once he knew I was staring at him and blew a kiss which made me chuckle into the microphone.

He laughed and mouthed the three words to me: I love you.

I smiled once again and mouthed the words back. The music then began and Cherry began to sing her line. Once she gave me my cue I began to sing my line.

Once the song ended we bowed and waited for the curtain to drop and walked off the stage. Michael was there waiting for me back stage. He placed his hands on my waist and hugged me right. "You were amazing babe." He said placing a kiss on my forehead.

"Ugh couples are disgusting." Cherry said joking of course.

"Why because we do this?" Michael then placed his hands on my cheeks and kissed me.

"Oh please I could do that with the next guy that walks through that door." She said.

We ignored her and continued to make out.

I then felt a hand grab onto my arm and pull me away from Michael.

"Hey I wasn't done." Michael whined.

I laughed at the lipstick stain I left on his lips. I wiped some of it off before our lips were attached once again.

"Babydoll!" Cherry whined.

I could hear her tapping her foot impatiently.

"Ahston!" She called out.

Ashton was one of the Garuda that kept watch on us girls to make sure we were safe. Sometimes the guest would get carried away.

Michael then immediately let go of me and backed away. "Okay I'm done."

I giggled and gave him one last kiss.

"Everything okay?" Ashton asked.

"False alarm." I said.

He nodded and went back to his section.

"Ill meet you at the bar." I said following Cherry into the dressing room.

I untied the back of my costume and took a deep breath. "Man it feels amazing to breath normally again." I said. I swear some of these costumes were just to much. Some were way to tight and some of them had me thinking to just walk off stage naked.

I put on a shirt and some shirts and cleaned up all the make up I had on my face. Cherry stood beside me and cleaned off her make up as well. "You know you look beautiful even without make up." She said flicking up my curls.

I smiled. "Thanks Cherry."

"Please when that costume is off I'm back to regular Charlotte. And you my dear Christi are back to yourself." She hooked onto my arm once again and led me out into the club. We walked over to the bar where Michael was speaking to Calum our bartender.

"Hey girls." Calum said. "Amazing performance as usual."

I then felt a hand grab my ass from behind. That split moment Michael jumped out if his chair and punched the guy with out even blinking. "Keep you hand if my girl you pervert!" Michael yelled.

The people around the club looked over in our direction and stared at Michael.

I grabbed Michael's hand ad sat him back down. That was the 3 time this week a guy got punched my Michael. And it was only Tuesday. You'd think they'd learn their lesson by now.

Michael pulled my stool closer to him and placed his arm around my waist.

"Thanks Cal." We said.

"What can I get you lovely ladies?" He asked.

"A scotch on the rocks?"

"I'm on it." He threw the towel onto his shoulder and poured our drinks.

I had to admit. I could finally say it felt like home. When we first arrived here in St. Louis it was pretty crazy. The first thing Michael did was book a hotel and find a job. I ended up meeting Charlotte that same day and she introduced me to Candy.

It was a little iffy on me working here since I was only 17. But since my birthday was only a few months away she let me in.

Michael didn't mind since we were still friends at the time but, after my first night working at the club we hooked up and well we became an official couple.

Ever since then Michael has been really cautious and extremely protective if me. He hated it every time a man would look at me when I wasn't in uniform since I wasn't on stage away from peoples reach.

After the few night at the hotel we moved into a house and went from there.

I liked my new life. Everything was finally in place. I didn't even flitch anymore when I thought about Jerod. Come to think of it I hadn't thought about him in so long. All the memories we had were just nothing but, memories. Everything from my freshman year and up was just a blur. It was okay though because. I had Michael and Charlotte. And Calum I guess.

Michael whispered into my ear he was going to the restroom and to watch out for creeps.

"So when are you giving up on the guy?" Charlotte asked.

"What's wrong with Michael?"

"I just don't understand how people can be together that long. I would've been backstage hooking up with the first hot guy I saw the first week."

I laughed. "I don't know he's just…we have history."

"Oh come on Charlotte. Not all men are pigs." Calum said.

"Well you certainly were." She joked.

"I'm a bartender! You know candy wants a flirt behind here. And plus have you seen these abs? There like slut magnets."

She rolled her eyes. "You see these boobs. You show even a little cleavage and us ladies have a line of the guys. My boobs will beat those abs any day."

"Well my abs seemed to work on you so I just won."

"Wait, wait. You and Calum?" I asked.

She nodded. "What can I say? It was a hot summer day and his abs shined brighter than the sun."

I laughed. "Well it was a dark night and Michael was there."

"Yawn! Boring! When was the last time you had fun?"

"I always have fun! I work here don't i!?"

"Okay sweetheart." Calum said. "When Charlotte says fun she means sex with another man. You my friend haven't had fun in a year."

"Well I'm happy with Michael. I would never cheat on him."

"Excuse me?" Ma man said. "Can I get a beer over here?" He said in his Australian accent. The guy had blonde hair and piercing blue eyes and a lip piercing that just made him perfect.

"Sure thing." Calum said opening a beer and sliding it ver to him,

"How could you be happy when keeps hold of you like a dog on a leash?" Calum asked refilling my drink.

"What? No he doesn't." I denied.

"Oh come on Chris! He always has an arm around you. He punches every guy that looks and you and he controls everything you do! I'm surprised he didn't throw you over his shoulder and take you to the bathroom with him." Charlotte said.

"No he-"

"Honey. Yes he does." Calum patted my shoulder.

"Excuse me." The guy with the lip piercing said. "I don't mean to interrupt but, I couldn't help but, over hearing. It sort of sound to me like he doesn't trust you as much as you think." He said.

"Thank you!" Charlotte said jumping off her stool and standing next to him. She put her arm around him and pitched his cheeks. "This fella knows what he's talking about."

"I'm sorry who are you?" I asked.

"Oh excuse me. I'm Luke." He shook my hand. "Luke hemmings.

"Hmm. And why do you think he doesn't trust me?"

"Well if a guy is always on a girls ass he feels that she would cheat on him in a split second if he didn't remind her every second that she belongs to him."

I bit my lip.

"He's right you know." Calum said.

"I don't know. It sounds to…what's the word…Wrong."

"Then test him. Tell him your going to hang out with a guy and see his reaction."

I sat there in my thoughts for a second. How could Michael not trust me? I had stayed with him for a year and not once looked at another guy. Or even thought about one. I have never let another guy lay a finger on me beside him. This was unreal. We loved each other so why would he not trust me.

"I just don't see why he wouldn't trust me." I said.

"Well let's put things in perspective. Your a beautiful girl. Perfect body figure, gorgeous face, your a performer. It'd be pretty easy to want to keep someone like that on a leash." He took a drink of his beer.

I then felt a hand on my waist and kiss my cheek. "Sorry love I got caught up with Ashton." He said.

We all grew quiet and looked in different directions.

"Everything okay?" He asked.

"Yeah everything's perfect." I said.

"Who's this?" He asked referring to Luke.

"I'm Luke. Luke Hemmings." He shook his hand.

"Why are you here?"

"Oh he's my boyfriend." Calum and Charlotte said at the same time.

We all looked at Calum and gave him an extremely confused look.

"What? Okay fine He's charlottes boyfriend. Geez. What? A guy can't have a laugh?"

"Anyways!" Charlotte said changing the subject. "Come on Logan." Charlotte said.

"Luke." He said corrections her.

"Whatever." She took his hand and led him out if the club.

Michael and I headed back home. The ride home was silent for the most part. I couldn't help but, Drown myself in my thoughts. They had me thinking about my relationship with Michael. I still couldn't understand why he wouldn't trust me. I just couldn't.

Once we got home I began cooking us dinner and he sat in the living room and watched tv. I paused for a second and stood there in the kitchen. I remember the myself running up the steps as my mom ran after me.

"Don't come back!" He worlds replayed in my head over and over. I'm not gonna lie. I did sometimes wonder what happened after I left. I wondered if they ever thought about me or better yet missed me. I know my life was hell but, how could you not even think about your daughter?

"You okay?" Michael asked now standing on the other side of the island.

I snapped out of my thoughts and now focused on him. "Yeah sorry I'm just…umm…"

He walked around the counter and lifted up my chin. "What's on your mind?"

"Do you ever wonder what happened with my parents after I left?"

"Who cRes? They didn't deserve you. They were low lives that treated your like shit and hated you for no reason."

I know the words sounded hard coming from him sounded harsh but, he was right.

I then thought about what Luke said. To test him. I mean what harm could it bring?

"Hey so umm. I was planning on hanging out with Luke tomorrow to help him pick out a birthday present for Charlotte."

"Why can't he just go by himself?"

"It takes a woman's pint of view to help a man find a present for a girl."

"I buy you presents all the time and you like them. He can find his way."

"Come on I'm just helping him find something for Charlotte."

"I don't see why he asked you. There was plenty of other girls in that bar."

"I'm her best friend."

"Well he can find another best friend. Besides he shouldn't even buy her anything. She can't even remember his name."

"What's the matter don't you trust me?" I asked.

"What? Of course I do. It's him I don't trust."

"Michael why would he make a move on charlottes Best Briend?"

He shrugged. "Tell him to find someone else." He said taking a bite out if a sandwhich he made.

I placed my hands on my hips as he kissed me on the cheek. "When's dinner gonna be ready?" He asked.

"About an hour."

"I'll come help you when I finish my sandwhich babe." He left the kitchen and turned off the TV in the living room.

Okay. Just because he doesn't want me to go doesn't mean he doesn't trust me. He was right about Charlotte she couldn't stay in a relationship even of you paid her.

Sorry this was kind of a boring chapter but, I'm kind of easing into the the storyline a little bit and introducing all the character. You'll understand the story line more when I get more into the story in the next chapter. -ADRI :)

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