Getting that Guy

"It's the countless times I've stared at him. It's the countless times he has appeared in my daydreams. It's the way his face lights up when he speaks. It's how I know I love him."


1. He smiles

The bell rings and I slide into my seat. I see Zayn walk in, next Liam, then Niall. I stare contently at the boys as they take their seats. Zayn catches me staring and gives me a wink. I roll my eyes and make puking hand gestures. He laughs and just gives a quick smile. Liam
gave me a smirk and waved, but Niall sneered at me and grabbed Liam's hand. I sunk in my seat and tried to pay attention to class.

"In WWII Hitler was..." 

As I tried to concentrate I started zoning out..

"Maddie let's goooo!" Niall yelled while honking his horn.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" I yelled back. I hoped in his car and buckled up. I turned the music all the way up and started dancing in the car while playing with his hair. We laughed and sung along to the music all the way to the party.

I bit his ear trying to play with him but he swatted me away saying it tickled. I laughed and kissed his check while I whispered in his ear. He told me to stop as he was getting anxious while driving. I sat back in my seat and just smiled.

That was my favorite memory of us. We had a connection, clearly, and that night was proof that things were going good. I think about it all the time. It was about a year ago but I still remember every exact detail. The way he smelled of expensive cologne and the way his hair was parted perfectly and the way his breathe tasted minty when you got close to him. That was the perfect night.. sort of.

The bell rang and everyone stood up as they grabbed their belongings. I headed towards the door as I bumped into Niall.

"Oh my bad!" He said while gathering my books, " I didn't even see you there" he said with a slight laugh. I gathered his books.

"No, no it's my bad!" We both stood up to trade our books and then we saw each other. His face went from a goofy smile to a hateful glare. I awkwardly stood there holding his books. Niall hasn't spoken to me since that night so for him to say those few words were heaven to me.

"Look I didn't know it was-" He cut me off.

"Doesn't matter. I want my books." He held out my books, in demand of his.

"Can we at least talk?" I begged him

"No. I want my books. Now." I handed them to him. As I reached for mine, he dropped them. He saw my face and just walked away.


It was last hour and I was dreading this class. Earlier in the year we were assigned lab partners by alphabetical order. I got Niall.

I walked in class and sat down in my seat avoiding eye contact with him.

"Hey babe!" Liam said while siting in the seat in front of me.

"Hey!" I faked my smile.

"You know I can tell when your lying?" He said with a slight laugh. I directed my eyes toward Niall. He looked at Liam and walked away.

"I can't take it anymore!" I said with agony, "he hasn't forgiven me yet. You said he would!"

"Look, I've been talking to him. He wants to forgive you, believe me. He misses you so much, that it kills him to see you upset everyday, but.."


"Okay, Niall absolutely loves you, correct?" He questioned

"I mean he used t-"

"No, he still does. In a friend way & more. What you did to him killed him inside. He smiles & laughs like nothing happened, but his smile always looks sad and his laugh isn't joyful anymore. He loved you!"

"Well what do I do?" I curled up in a ball on my seat.

"You have to prove it to him. He needs to know you still care!"

"I do care! I've been trying to show him!" He laughed.

"No you don't! You may try to talk to him but that won't fix it. You have to make it up to him."

"Well how do I do that?!" I felt tears in my eyes.

"I can't tell you that.. You must figure that out on your own" Liam winked at me & smirked at me. The bell rang and he walked back to his seat.

"Everyone to their seats!" Dr. Drew said.

Niall reluctantly sat beside me. I pulled out my notebook and smiled. I smiled the biggest I ever have in months. I may not know how I am going to fix this, but he still wants me and that is all I have ever wanted.

I glanced over at him. His hair was messy and ruffled as well as he hadn't shaved today. He had looked heavenly charming and I couldn't help but want him. My glance turned into a gaze. I focused more and more on his face as I zoned out. Everything in the world didn't matter when I looked at him.

"Can I help you?" He asked rudely with a disgusted look on his face. I quickly realized he had caught me staring, I awkwardly moved my head away from him and sighed.

The rest of class was boring so I just drew in my notebook. I started writing Niall in big letters and in fancy designs all across the pages. I felt a breeze behind my shoulder so I slightly glanced. Niall was watching me draw his name and he had a smile on his face. I turned back to my notebook thankful that he didn't hate me still. As last hour was coming to an end I was packing up my things but I left my notebook out. I zipped my bag as I set it next to me. I went back to my notebook and then I saw a face appear next to mine. I looked over at him.

"I like that design better" Niall smiled as he pointed to his name on my paper. I astonishingly looked up at him and then back at my paper. He laughed and then walked away.

Niall Horan smiled at me.

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