This Belongs To Mia

Hey Journal,
I think that, since you and I have to stick this out,
I think that John is an idiot.
and also, I think that maybe we can get along.


2. June 25

Hey Journal,

I guess I'm back, did'ja miss me? You probably didn't since your just a stupid piece of paper. My mom went shopping for me, I just can't do it without Hannah you know? I don't have the motivation. I never did tell you what happened, and I don't think I will. I have to go to John's tomorrow. I never liked his waiting room, it's always so clean and perfect. I feel like if I touch something, it's gonna break. I think John needs to loosen up. You know, to be honest I'm kind of nervous, John is bringing in his two sons tomorrow, both of them are like a year older than me I think.

I used to have a boyfriend Journal, his name was Alex. Then Hannah left and I just crumbled. He wasn't there for me, always had other things to do. Never tried to care for me like he should have in the situation.

I also missed a few weeks of school, I'm not sure if I'm going into highschool or not, my mom still has to talk with the school.

I don't want to go to school.

Maybe I can convince her to let me do an online school. I hope so. I don't want to talk and be around people. I know they're all judging me. I can see it. When I walk down the halls and they veer away subtly. I act like I don't notice. They look at me and I see either pity or I see disgust.

Probably because, I was the valedictorian, I did everything right, I was kind of popular. Then, everything just dropped. My grades, motivation, everything.

So, I guess that's why no one likes me anymore Journal.


We would be at the pool right now.


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