Lost in the Stars

Right now I am in a strange part of this universe, but I don't know where. My parents told me that I was the future and I would kill life or I would save it. They sent me through in a space ship with a gas mask and an oxygen tank. I looked around on the strange planet and all I could see was the darkness and loneliness of space. Then I took one step and something strange looking walked out and told me to take their hand. So I did, not knowing where it will take me, I was still lost in the stars.


2. The Strange Boy

   When I woke up I was in a tent with the dagger in my hand. All my thoughts where storming around my brain trying to find a way out. I looked over and saw the boy sitting by what it looked like was a fire but something as wrong with it because it kept flickering on and off, when I looked closer I saw that he was holding it in his hands. I started freaking out but I tried to stay calm so I could maybe escape. I looked at my hand and it had healed like the cut just vanished so I checked my head but I still had a bandage wrapped around it so obviously whatever magic he used on my hand he did not use on my forehead.

   He was turned around so I grabbed the dagger and turned towards the strange alien boy but before I could do anything he spoke again "I am sorry about your parents and how you have to be alone on this planet but it is truly not that bad. I have lost my parents too and please don't even try to hurt me with that pathetic dagger, it will not work, I have tried." He turned around to face me. I could tell he was being truthful because of the look in his eyes.

   They were so beautiful that I just wanted to stare at him all day but then before I knew it I started blabbing out questions like "what we're those things that tried to kill me and what are you and please don't hurt me I never did anything to you." He looked at me with compassionate eyes and talked to me in a soothing voice that sounded like a thousand angles speaking. He told me I was on a planet called Morin he also told me he was something called a dæser but his real name was Adonis. He said that he was a kind of demon wrapped in the most wonderful and most powerful thing in this universe, love. "I look like I am from hell but really on the inside I am from heaven. The things with the red eyes are dæmons and they only come out when an intruder come in. If you saw the fire coming from my hand please don't freak out because everyone on my planet has some kind of special power but most of us choose not to use it. My power is making fire."

   Usually the people on my planet are just scared but I never was scared and I never will be. If they saw you they would think of you as and intruder or a monster trying to murder them. People are scared of what they don't understand.

   "What other mythical animals do you have here? Can any other of them kill me? Cause that would be just great!"

   "They are not mythical they are very real. And yes there are many more creatures on this planet, some we have not even discovered yet. You don't know everything about me yet.

  He leaned in closer to me and spoke to a whisper in my ear "I can protect you if you let me." So I did put all my trust into him and let him guide me as I listened to his storys about the mysteries of this universe and how some are never ment to be solved.

   He asked me to let him see my cut so I allowed. He grabbed some kind of herb and put it on my forehead and it stung a little but apparently this was just the start so I closed my eyes and clenched my fists trying to think of a happy place. He then grabbed a clear liquid and told me to drink it but I did not want to because for all I know it could be dangerous or even deadly. So I backed away from it as he tried to get closer.

   He then used one weekness against me which was "do you trust me." I drank it because I did trust him but it did really hurt I started to scream from the pain. It's a weird healing method they have because when you drink the clear liquid, the cut sizzles and burns away slowly so you can feel every minute of the everlasting pain.

   After he was done with me he asked me what I was, why I am here on his planet, how old am I, what's my name, and what planet I originally came from. I told him that I was 13, I'm a human, I come from Earth, my name is Scarlett Rosea, and I am here because otherwise I would have died. After he had asked me all his questions we just sat there in silence until a siren went off. He told me to stay in the tent so I obeyed. Or did I.

   I peeked out the tent and saw someone with a giant metal silver mask on. The mask looked like it was death with a hooded cloak on burning but freezing on the inside with a piercing pain that takes all happiness out of the world and leaves you in isolation that rips you apart one piece at a time.

   He was talking to someone who looked like the alien boy I met but taller. They started talking in their weird language bickering about something. It seemed that they talked forever until the silver masked alien stopped talking and looked straight where I was like he could sense me. He shot a bolt of lighting at me from his hand. So I turned back into the tent and started screaming on the inside thinking that I was going to die and just when I thought I was safe something grabbed my shoulder so I started screaming bloody murder as he sliced my leg so I could not get up. He put the knife right at my neck as if making me suffer before killing me.

   He started to shout in my language "looks like we have an intruder. Usually we do not allow guests on our planet unless they are food. So tell me strange girl are you food? A prisoner? Or an intruder that I could kill right now by snapping your neck."

   I looked around and saw that there was a whole village of people watching me and they all looked like Adonis but they all had a different feature to them so they know who is who. One of them had green and slimy antennas sticking out of her head. Another had big dark forest green eyes. The rest were tall, skinny, fat, short, or a different color. They all stared at me with frightened and angry grimacing looks or smiles.

   I could barely speak because he was squeezing me so tight that it was cutting off the circulation to my brain. I tried to speak but before I could he held up his knife and stabbed my stomach so I was internally bleeding. Just as he was about to do it a second time to finish me off Adonis can running out to me and stepping in front of the fight.

   He helped me up and started yelling at the alien that stabbed me "you coward. You are hurting an innocent creature. We are the reason she is here in the first place. We sent those robots to destroy their world."

   "But they were meant to kill them all and wipe out their filthy race. They pollute our world with their deadly venoms from the sky!" Said the alien.

   "You are an evil king and will not destroy another world. I will kill you someday when I have the chance." After he was done Adonis spit at the alien.

   I broke free of the alien and tried to run as fast as I could but I was running low on oxygen in my tank so every now and then I would trip (also from the zero gravity). As I was running I turned back and saw Adonis and the alien fighting electricity against fire with their hand. He was fighting with the king so I could escape.

   The villagers started swarming around the fight so I could run without being caught in the crowd. I hid in some of there food closing my eyes and praying they would not find me. A cold hand touched my shoulder so tried to run again but it was my dad.

   He covered my mouth and said "follow me if you want to live and not be a slave on this planet forever." So I followed him back to my spaceship and he told me to get on board.

   "But the spaceship is broken, and the circuits are fried!" I yelled at him.

  "Please trust me." I nodded my head and he helped me in being careful of my cut. He gave me a small kiss on the cheek and said "I can't come with you because I am no more than a memorie in your mind. I am sending you back to our planet because I think the war has stopped now. But if it has not I want you to find another planet, listen to your heart and follow the constellations they will guide you. Adonis will probably talk to their leader and try to make peace with our planet but I make no promises on that. Also Scarlett, the stars are dark and mysterious things filled with light, but only come out when things get dark." He winked at me and then closed the door.

  My dad tried to get the spaceship on by kicking it then putting two wires together that broke apart and it started. I went higher and higher until I was swallowed by the darkness of space. The altitude was getting stronger so I grabbed onto the side and ducked down because the window was still broken and leftover glass was flying all around. I tried to cover my cut so the blood would not seep out and go floating around in space. 

    My ears popped and my heart was pounding faster and faster as I made it out of their atmosphere. The spaceship went faster and faster until it stopped and I was just floating in space. I thought the ship broke down so I stood up and found a seal latch so my window could close so I pulled the latch and oxygen filled my lungs, apparently the latch was an oxygen filler and it gives you another oxygen tank. Now with lots of oxygen in my lungs the spaceship all of a sudden started moving very slowly but it was steady enough and the only thing that mattered is that I would be home with the remaining survivors, if there were any.

   After days stuck in space with only the remaining food and water I stole from their village that was covered in slime and tasted like mucus and sweat, I was home at Earth. I looked out my window and saw some lava on some islands and In New York there was no light. I figured they lost power when everything went into despair and they hid until it was over.

   I lived in the U.S.A in Washington. I don't remember the soft grass I used to prance on in the morning or the birds chirping their friendly whistle in spring, I could not remember the rain or how it felt on my delicate and pail skin. I did not even remember what my best friend looked like. I then thought about Adonis and how I never got the chance to say goodbye or kiss him. I did not get to hear all of his story's and now he is probably dead because of me. I looked down in disappointment for myself for letting all of those people die on both planets. I felt alone and depressed hoping I would just die.

   I finally landed on Earth but it was another crash landing and I went rolling around in the spaceship getting some bruises on my legs but I felt no pain because all I felt was cold that I could not save innocent people and I would just let them die watching them suffer. I tried not to think about it and pressed the button for the spaceship to open the door. I was gone for two weeks but it looked like Earth was ravaged for two years. I looked at the spaceship and it was dented, burned, scratched, broken, worthless, and alone just like me.

   I luckily did not land where any lava or volcanos are but the grass was burned so it felt scratchy and hard on my feet like I was walking on pavement instead of grass. I don't think the air was breathable because I think they tried to bomb us out with chemicals. I tried to look at the sun but it looked like we were having a solar eclipse which is normal because we have had lots in the past few centuries and the scientists believed our world would end soon. But not by an invasion of alien monsters from another planet. They said that there was no such thing as alien life but they did not look hard enough obviously.

   I started yelling for help as I held my stomach trying to stop the bleeding but eventually after hours and hours of walking I just collapses still calling for help until a hole opened in my oxygen tank, smoke and dust started to fill my lungs as I tried to cover the hole in the oxygen tank but it just kept leaking out. All of a sudden I heard voices but it was too late because everything went dark for me.

   I saw lights dancing around my eyes so I tried to blink but my eyes stayed glued shut, I tried to open them again but I still couldn't. I could hear my breath and I could feel how fast my heart was beating but I could not open my eyes or move anything. I felt paralyzed and isolated from the world as I lay on what felt like a bed.

   Something sharp gets jabbed into my shoulder so I twitch and my arm goes numb as I hear voices. They get louder and louder as I open my eyes I see humans, I was so glad that I just wanted to jump up and hug them for saving me but I could not move my legs or my arms. I could not even lift my head.

   "She is awake." one of them said.

   "Lets kill her now, we do not know if she is dangerous or not." Another one said.

   Then they all went quite as someone tall and very handsome stepped into the room. He had eyes as blue as the ocean, A curved smile with lips perfectly aligned, Brown hair that was spiked up, dimples, perfect cheek bones, yet a curved face. He looked two years older than me. He was wearing a dirty green faded shirt with baggy blue jeans.

   I looked around and I was not in a hospital on a comfy bed, but in a shack underground laying on some bricks with hay as padding. He looked at me then removed a brown lock of hair from my face. "She is beautiful." he said. "She is awake. So she can hear everything you say." the other girl said. When I looked at all of them more closely they were all wearing see through gas masks and a oxygen tank on their back.

   He quickly snatched his hand away which left an awkward silence. I was finally able to lift up my head so I did and they just stared at me as I sat up. I could use my fingers and I could bend my arms now. "How did you survive out there?" He asked me. I was just about to answer when a bomb exploded pretty close to us. "RUN!!! They found us!" He yelled. He opened the door to the shack and once everyone was out he grabbed my hand and pulled me out of bed. I fell at first but I got up and started running with him. 

   He told me to follow him so I did. We went in a rocket this time but it was kind of small so we had to squeeze ourselves in there. There were five of us all together so it was hard. Everyone was in the spaceship except him, the girl that said she wanted to kill me, and me. The girl was falling behind and we were going even slower. She finally ran out of breath and stopped, she looked back and started screaming so we looked back and we saw that some lava came out of the ground and it was coming really fast. She stared to run again but she tripped and the lava caught up with her as she screamed an agonizing scream. I could hear her flesh burn and sizzle away slowly. So me and him knew we could not do anything so we kept on running.

   We finally made it to the rocket so the other guy started the rocket and we blasted off as the lava touched the side and  burned a small hole through the rocket but it did not stop the rocket from blasting off. We made it into space and again we were just drifting lost not knowing were to go. Just wandering the galaxy.

   I looked through the window to take one last look at our dying Earth but I all I saw on our world was the darkness of what we turned it into but I also saw the bright orange lights that are the color of Adonis`s eyes, I saw him looking up at me and saying my name. Eventually Earth just sank into the leftover water of the ocean, lost forever.

   If you are reading this, you are reading my diary. You now know that there are other worlds, planets, and galaxy's out there and you are not the only ones who haunt and live. You also now know of a broken planet named Earth and a old forbidden planet called Morin. I guess I will be forever trapped and lost in the stars. But aren't we all.


The End


   Not all who wander are lost




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