Just A Dream

What happens when you're transported into your favorite movie? Well Alex Harlow is about to find out!
When she gets transported into her favorite movie, she goes through simple and excruciating times to get back home. Does she make it? Or is she stuck there forever?


9. Tortuga

~~When we land in Tortuga, Jack takes Will and I to the bar first.

I don't listen to their conversation as we walk.

What gets my attention is a bright red headed woman walking up to Jack.

"Scarlett!" Jack says. She doesn't say anything, just slaps him across the face.

"Not sure I deserved that," Jack says as she walks away.

A blonde woman walks up next.

"Giselle," Jack says to her.

"Who was she?" the blonde asks..

"What?" Jack asks right before another slap lands itself on his face, "I may have deserved that."

Will and I both stifle a laugh as we make our way to a pigs pen where a man is sleeping.

Jack throws a bucket of water on the man as Will hands me another.

"Curse you for breathin' ya slack-jawed idiot!" the man yells as he awakens, once he realized who woke him he says, "Mothers love. Jack. You should know better than to wake a man when he's sleepin'. It's bad luck."

"Ah, fortunately, I know how to counter it; the man who did the waking buys the man who was sleeping a drink; the man who was sleeping drinks it while listening to a proposition from the man who did the waking," Jack says to him.

"Aye. That'll about do it," he says after a minute of thought.

Will and I both throw our buckets of water on him.

"Blast! I'm ready awake!" he yells.

"That's was for the smell," I say as politely as I can muster without laughing.

He shrugs.

We all walk into the bar and Jack tells Will and I to keep a sharp eye as he and the man who calls himself Joshamee Gibbs talk.

"What do you think they're talking about?" Will asks me.

"No idea, probably something about finding a crew. He did mention that before he kidnapped me," I say

Will and I stand in a comfortable silence while we watch all the fights going on.

About fifteen minutes later, Jack walks out and asks, "Ready to go?"

We both nod and follow him back to the ship.

Once on board, we go our separate ways. Each to different quarters.

I toss and turn for what feels like forever, but it's only maybe a few hours.

I lay on the hammock and let my thoughts run through my head like a stampede of wild horses.

After a while, I decide to walk around. I get up and jump down and walk out to the deck.

I walk around the deck several times before sitting on the stairs.

"What are you doing?" I hear Jack ask from behind me.

I simply reply with, "Couldn't sleep."

Jack sits down next to me. He pulls a bottle of rum from between the boards and takes a swig from it.

"You intrigue me," he says in a simpleton tone.

"How so?" I ask before I take the bottle from him and take a drink. The liquid burns my throat on it's way down.

"You are the governors daughter, yet you decided to come along with Mr. Turner and I and you we're at that 'party' for Commodore Norrington. Why is that?" He says.

"I wasn't at the ceremony because I got bored and I came along with you, because Will is my friend, and we both have the same goal. To save Elizabeth,"
I reply.

"Are you sure that's why you came along?" he asks.

"Yes, why?" I ask.

"Take this. What is it you want most?" he says as he hands me his compass. He's mad! I take the compass out if his outstretched hand.

Once the compass leaves his hand, he stands up and walks away.

I open the compass. The needle spins for a second or two before it stops.




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