Just A Dream

What happens when you're transported into your favorite movie? Well Alex Harlow is about to find out!
When she gets transported into her favorite movie, she goes through simple and excruciating times to get back home. Does she make it? Or is she stuck there forever?


6. I Know The Code...

~~Jack lunges at me, but I easily block it.

He lunges again.

It gets blocked.

We duel for quite a while until Will pushes me out of the way and takes my place in dueling Jack.

I land in the dirt on the floor. I sputter and cough. I stand up and ask, "Was that really necessary?!"

By this time, Jack and Will are up in the rafters.

How they got up there? I have no idea.

"Will! Jack!" I yell at them from below.

Will and Jack flip down from the rafters. Will had knocked Jacks sword from his hand.

Jack grabbed the bag Will uses to keep the fires going and blows it all over him.

Nice distraction.

Jack pulls his pistol on Will.

"Jack," I say warningly.

"You cheated," Will says.

"Pirate," Jack says.

Will takes a step in between Jack and the door.

"Move away," Jack says.

"No," Will says, "I cannot just step aside and let you escape."

Jack pulls the lever on his pistol an says, "This shot is not meant for you." He points it to the ceiling.

But before he can pull the trigger, Mr.
Brown hits him upside the head with an empty bottle.

Will drops whatever he had in his hand. I rush into his arms.

"I'm glad you're alright," he says.

"Even if he had made an escape with me as his hostage, I could've managed all by myself. But I'm grateful that you were here," I say.

The soldiers and Commodore Norrington burst through the door.

"Excellent work Mr. Brown," Commordore says.

I still in Wills arms give a slight scoff. Knowing very well that it was Will who saved me.

Later that night, I lay in bed with Elizabeth before going to my own room.

"There you go m'ladies. It was a difficult day for you two I'm sure," the maid Isabella says as she puts a pan of hot coals underneath the bed sheets.

"I suspected Commodore Norrington would propose, but I must admit I want entirely prepared for it," Elizabeth says.

"I meant you both being threatened by that pirate. Miss Harlow especially!" Isabella says, "It sounds terrifying."

"Oh, yes, it was terrifying," Elizabeth says.

"He is a terrible pirate, never was king to get very far," I say.

"But the Commodore proposed, fancy that!" Isabella says to Elizabeth, "That's a smart match Miss. If it's not too bold to say."

"It is a smart match," Elizabeth agrees, "He's a fine man. It's what every woman should dream of marrying."

"Well that a Will Turner he's a fine man too," Isabella says.

"That is too bold," Elizabeth says, completely ignoring her feeling towards Will.

"Well I beggin' your pardon Miss. It was not my place," Isabella says before she leaves.

"What was that for?!" I ask her.

"What was what for?" she asks completely dumbfounded.

"That is too bold," I mock her.

"I do not sound like that!" she argues.

"Do to!" I playfully argue back.

"What was that?" Elizabeth asks after the lamp mysteriously blows out.

"Stay here," I say, "And hide!"

I run out the door and into my room. I dig into the bottom of my closet and grab a box.

I set the box on my bed and open it. I quickly change into the clothes in it.

A pair of dark pants that seem to be some sort of leather, a loose fitting white blouse, and a black vest. I close the box and put it back.

I put my nightgown in the hamper and grab two more boxes.

One with a pair of light brown boots that end just before the knee, and one with a hat.

Not just any kind of hat. A pirates hat. I found it in the old thrift shop down by the blacksmith a few weeks ago.

I quickly slip the perfect fitting boots on and put the hat on my head. My curly brown hair cascading down my back.

I put the two boxes back, and grab my coat that ends just at the knees. My sword, that Will had gave me just a few weeks after I had met him, at my hip.

I move the pillows so it looks like a person is in bed. I blow the lamp out, and take off down the stairs and into town.

I run straight to the blacksmiths shop.

"Alexandra," Will says when he sees me walk in, "You look... different. It's a pod different though!"

I plop myself down in an empty chair near him and ask, "What are you working on?"

"Just something for Mr. Banks. He
Needs a new door knocker," he says. I nod.

All of the sudden, a feeling of dread and panic wash over me.

Will stops what he is doing and goes to the window. He looks out to see lots and lots of fog.

"What is going on?" I ask. Even though I know exactly what is happening.

I hear a cannon go off.

"Cannons," I say. I jump up and run out to the street that looks out on the harbor.

Sure enough, a ship with black sails in there shooting at Port Royal.

"Who is that?" Will asks from behind me.

"The Black Pearl," I say, "You might want to grab a sword. It's going to be a long night!"

Will runs back in as a few townsfolk run passed.

Will shows up just as four pirates do.

I take on two and Will takes the other two.

Suddenly, something clicks.

The medallion.

They're after it.

"You okay Will?" I shout to him.

"Fine," he shouts back.

I knock both of the pirates out and help Will take care of the other two.

"I know what they're after," I say to him after I pull him into the shadows and out of the street.

"What?" he asks.

"Elizabeth. She has something of theirs," I say, "I'll find her, you stay here!" He nods and I take off running.

I dodge a few pirate swords and townsfolk running for cover, but I make it to the mansion in one piece.

It looks untouched, but there is a whole bunch of pirates following me.

I quickly run to the door and fling it open. I manage to lock it behind me and run upstairs.

"Elizabeth!" I whisper yell, "where are you?!"

"In here," she says from her room.

I quickly find her. I give her a quick hug.

"Elizabeth, I need that medallion," I say.

"What for?" she asks. There's knocking at the door.


"The pirates. They're after it. They want that medallion. I need it to keep you safe," I say.

She nods and quickly slips it off and puts it in my hand. I put it around my neck and put it in my shirt.

I grab her wrist and head for the stairs.

The knocking doesn't cease.

The butler opens the door.

"Don't!" Elizabeth yells.

"Ello chump," one of the pirates say before they shoot him. Elizabeth screams.

"Up there!" another pirate says pointing to us. The rest have gone to pilfer through the house.

"Come on!" I say. I grab her wrist and shove her up the stairs. I follow her.

A hand quickly makes it way around my wrist and spins me around.

"Hello poppet," the pirate that shot the butler says.

"I don't have what you're looking for," I say.

"What is it that I'm looking for then?" he asks.

"A medallion. The one around my sisters neck," I say. His face lightens as he shoves me aside and into the wall.

Not but a few moments later, Elizabeth tried to make her way downstairs again.

We're stuck in between two pirates. I draw my sword.

"Ha! A girl with a sword? What a bloody joke," the one above us says as he laughs.

"You won't be laughing when you're on the floor!" I say lunging at him. The other pirate just stands there and watches.

"Go! I'll hold them off! Run Elizabeth!" I yell at her. She takes off running into another room.

I manage to get the fat one on the ground and flip the lanky one over the railing.

I take the chance and run into the room that Elizabeth did.

I grab a candle stick holder and put it on the door handle, along with locking the door.

She grabs the crossed sword decoration off the wall. The swords don't budge.

"I hope you know that's just a decoration," I say. I gives me a sarcastic smile.

I open the window so it looks like we jumped. She tosses the decoration out the window.

"In here," I whisper as I hear the door rattling. I usher her into a closet and crack the door slightly.

"We know you're here poppet," one of the two pirates say, "Come out! And we promise we wot hurt you. We will find you poppet. You've got something of ours and it calls to us. The gold calls to us."

With every word, I can feel them get closer and closer to the closet.

All if the sudden, the light from the crack disappears.

"Ello poppet," the pirate says edits they rip open the doors. Elizabeth and I both stand up.

"Parlay," Elizabeth says urgently.

What is she doing?!

"What," the fat one says.

"Parlay. I encore the right of parlay," a Elizabeth says, "According to the code if the brethren and set down by the pirates Morgan and Bartholemew, you have to take me to your captain. Both of us." I nod slightly.

"I know the code," the fat one says.

"If an adversary demands parlay, you can do them no harm until the parlay is complete," I say to no one in particular.

"She wants to be taken to the captain," the fat one says, "And she'll go without a fuss. But that one stays."

"What? No," Elizabeth says.

"She didn't invoke parlay, so she stays. We won't harm her," the lanky one says.

They grab Elizabeth by both arms and practically drag her away, and leave me standing there.

Then I get a bright idea.

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