1D meets ME!

This is the story of ME and 1D! I fictionally meet One Direction and they all fall for me!


1. 1D meets ME!

One day I was walking in London. I saw a flyer that said "One Direction on Tour NOW! Buy tickets! Call: 123-000-0001" I decided to call. I called: 124-000-0001 and then realized it wasn't the right number. It was a little to late. Someone picked up. I think I recognized that voice. "Hello" said a familiar British voice. "Ummm… Hi?" I replied. "Hi uh, who is this?" He asked. "This is Lauryn" I replied. "Well Lauryn, this is Liam Hemsworth from One Direction are you a fan?" "Oh my gosh! YES! I love your music!" "Well, would you happen to be calling 123-000-0001? Or did you look up my number on the internet?" "Well I called the number to redeem some tickets." I put a bashful look on my face. I was very nervous and embarrassed and just stuttered a little. "Well Liam, I w-w-would like t-to s-see y-y-y-y-you????" I was sooooo nervous and I wanted so bad to see him. "Well sure you can come and see us! Meet us at the park on 23rd street! See you there!" "Ok…BYE!" I was so exited I could barley wait. And I was at the park right when Niall showed up. I jumped up ran after him and hugged him. He told me I was cute and we should meet up some time. I squealed so loud that everyone at the park could hear me. I quickly stopped right when Harry and Louis got out of their cars. I jumped and hugged them tight. Then as soon as we sat down Liam and Zayn arrived. My favorite is Niall but I was sooo excited to see them all! I couldn't wait to get to know them!

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