Gamer's Pick-up Lines

This Movella will start by just pick-up lines but if it gets some attention I'll expand upon it and do all sorts of things (maybe even recruit a few of you gamers to help me out!). But think about it... RS, LoL, MMORPG, CoD, ODST, SE, Meta and many more: we all know what they mean, but do THEY?! Yes, I may have lost it and yes, I did use a good few of these lines before haha.


2. RS=Runescape

     Ahh, Runescape and the land of Gleinor. If there is anything memorable about this game, it's the fact that: 1.) the developers had to remove 'dice' from the game because players eventually used them for gambling (Sure it broke the terms of agreement at that point, but it was so AWESOME!) and 2.) no one used to talk to you because they were botting. Scamming and grinding are also major parts of the game.

     Regardless, the following pick-up lines are based strictly on ALL the current skills in the game. For those of you who don't know, the max level achieved for each of the skills is 99* and that can take literally months to achieve (if you no-life maybe a week- depends on the skill). Comment below if you need me to explain/translate.


[Skill of]: [pick-up line]

---- [alternate (if any)]

    Attack: I can wield a dagger, a longsword or even a broadsword of any kind, but I still find myself coming back to you.


    Prayer: When we first met, that's when I realized I had achieved 99 prayer because all my hopes, dreams and prayers came true.


    Mining: And to think it took me up until level 99 mining to find the perfect the perfect gem to get for your ring.

---- And to think it took me up until 99 mining to find the perfect gem for my soul.


    Magic: When I gave you that ring, I gave it the highest of enchantments to ensure that our promise will last forever.


    Firemaking: I knew I had 99 firemaking the second our love for each other caught on fire and began to burn for an eternity.

---- The fire I burn will never match the intensity of our love.


    Defense: My heart never knew it could be equipped with the greatest armor of them all.


    Strength: If I'm honest, I would have to say my level 99 strength will never be as strong as our love.


    Range: I know I have 99 range, but I could still learn a thing or two from Cupid because I never thought this love would be possible.


    Construction: I kept on trying to build a better home, but then I realized all I was missing was you.

---- I've built the most awe-inspiring palace on the face of the earth... now I just need someone to share it with other than my pet dragons.


    Woodcutting: You fell down like a bird's nest because I swear I never saw it coming.

---- Magic, Yew, and Elder tree logs are all priceless in my eyes, but you're just straight up invaluable.


    Crafting: Even with 99 crafting, I still can't sculpt a face as perfect as yours.

---- Even with 99 crafting, I still can't make a ring worthy for you.


    Smithing: Thanks to the ever-consuming fire of our love, you made in me a heart of gold.

---- (preferably don't use this one XD) Until we started dating, I thought obtaining 99 smithing was the fastest way I could lose money.


    Runecrafting: The magic in you is like nothing I've ever seen before.


    Fishing: Is your fishing level 99? Because I'm hooked on you.


    Cooking: I can promise you this love will never burn out... How?... Because I have 99 cooking.

---- Yeah, I like to cook things to heal me physically, but I've never had anything heal me emotionally.


    Dungeoneering* (This is the one skill that can go above 99 without potions and such) - The only time I've seen things go above and beyond was in a dungeon, but you must be that one exception for the world above.


    Agility: I get a burst of energy around you because you play the strings of my soul better than any musician ever has.


    Herblore: At reaching level 99 herblore, I realized there are just some things you can't obtain without putting work in for yourself; they don't have a price because they're more valuable than gold. You must be one of those things.

---- Did you put a dose of love in this drink? Because I can tell you used just the right amount of everything.


    Hunting: I've tried snares, nets and straight up tracking the traces... but I still haven't caught you yet.


    Farming: Farming until level 99 not only taught me that some things weren't meant to be, but it also taught me to wait for the perfect one.


    Divination: The most divine energy I've ever seen is the beauty radiation from your face.


    Slayer: Never in combat have I ever been drastically incapacitated as I am in your arms right now.


    Fletching: I never fully understood how my quiver could store millions of arrows or how my beaver could fletch arrows for me, but then again I never understood how we got this far.


    Miscellaneous (not a skill): It doesn't take much to realize that you're more valuable than a blue party-hat or a Christmas cracker.

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