Gamer's Pick-up Lines

This Movella will start by just pick-up lines but if it gets some attention I'll expand upon it and do all sorts of things (maybe even recruit a few of you gamers to help me out!). But think about it... RS, LoL, MMORPG, CoD, ODST, SE, Meta and many more: we all know what they mean, but do THEY?! Yes, I may have lost it and yes, I did use a good few of these lines before haha.


7. Pokémon (Part 1)

1.) I know this is a bit Chansey and maybe a little Farfetch'd, but I choose you, {name}, and I always will no matter what. Because in all honesty, you're the one thing in my life that will always be super effective.

2.) If you were a Pokémon, I'd give you my Everstone because you're perfect in every little way as is.

3.) Give me a Thunderstone and I'll Raichu exactly why I want to stay paralyzed in your arms.

4.) Did you use Attract on me? Because it worked.

5.) You know, you stand out like a shiny Pokémon. 

6.) My love burns for you like Charizard's tail.

---- You're the source of my fire, if you were to leave I would certainly die.

7.) You're like a Latias, you came out of nowhere, and you were so hard to find. I must've spent years trying to find you.

8.) I know we have next to nothing in common; I mean I'm a Wailord and you're a Skitty, but I think we can at least give us a shot if we look at more than just the differences.

9.) I just had to Pikachu, and you're gorgeous!

10.) Whenever I see you, I hurt myself in confusion because how could something so beautiful find its place here in this world?

11.) You're so unique that I'd spend my one and only master ball on you.

12.) My Pokedex entry for you seems to suggest that you are the only one for me.

13.) Had I never played Pokemon Ruby and noticed Spindas' spots, I would've never learned that there can certianly only ever be one of you. You're one in over a billion, and you're simply just the one I want to catch.

14.) Some people say we're young and in love and that'll all change in time, but I say my love for you will be as constant as Ash's age in all his seasons of Pokemon.

15.) I've been keeping my eye on you and now I challenge you to a Pokemon Battle! If I fail to win you over, surely death will follow. Hoo- Hah!

16.) This is how I imagined our first meeting; hopefully I wasn't the only one...
{Name}, used ATTRACT!
... {Your name}, became infatuated with love!
{Your name} used DESTINY BOND! ... {Your Name} is immobilized by love.

17.) A cliff is a perfect place to meet you, for if you were to reject my love for you I would surely not want to go on any longer.

18.) I felt like a real Slowpoke when I finally realized how lucky I was to have you.

---- I felt like a real Slowpoke when I finally mustered up enough courage to ask you on out on a date.

19.) You know, you're like Deoxys. You're out of this world. 

20.) You're more beautiful than Beautifly. 

21.) I need an Awakening, because you're girl of my dreams. 

22.) You must know Gust, because you blew me away.

23.) Did you just use thief? Because I can't seem to find my heart scale anymore.

24.) I want to be the very best I can be for you because I know that it's my destiny.

25.) If I stole your bike, utterly destroyed it and promised to pay you back for it, would you consider joining me on a lifetime journey as my partner in crime?

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