Gamer's Pick-up Lines

This Movella will start by just pick-up lines but if it gets some attention I'll expand upon it and do all sorts of things (maybe even recruit a few of you gamers to help me out!). But think about it... RS, LoL, MMORPG, CoD, ODST, SE, Meta and many more: we all know what they mean, but do THEY?! Yes, I may have lost it and yes, I did use a good few of these lines before haha.


3. Halo

From holding out as long as we could from the Covenant devastation on planet Reach - to fleeing the fowl, parasitic flood infestation in the bowels of Installation 04 - to annihilating the Brute occupation of New Mombasa - to destroying the Ark in the outer reaches of space - to rescuing humanity from the Didact's distorted view of Forerunner ascendancy... no man could ask for a better girlfriend to navigate the gates of hell and come out alive (on Legendary). You are now a year older... the mantle of responsibility is now yours... ... Reclaimer.

(Courtesy of my brother! This was what he put in my birthday card with one obvious change.)


Take my hand and we can save the galaxy ... again and again ... one headshot at a time!

(Also courtesy of my brother!)


I never make a girl a promise I know I can't keep.


If you were to leave me, I'd feel like my assault rifle went missing after game one.


You're like as delicate as a grunt, as strong as a brute, and as intellectual as Cortana before rampancy, but if there's anything I adore most about you... it's the fact that your eyes are as radiant as Master Chief's Mark V visor.


You're like the seven installations of Halo, you don't just make my world, you are my world.


Here take my left hand; it's not busy holding a magnum in case of a firefight.



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