Long lost sister

One direction based story


2. Finding out something big

It was late into the afternoon and Ali called me.

Ali: " Rose!"

Rose: " what? Are you ok?"

" You need to come to my house right now!"

"Ok I'm on my way"

As I was getting ready my little sister came in my room; and was asking me stupid questions like "Were you going?" "How you going to get there?" "What you going to wear?" Then it hit me; what am I going to wear? I was storming threw my clothes. Looking at everything I have. Then I found my favorite dress. Black with flowers all over it.

I was walking down the street and I got a call. It was from Ali again.

Ali:"hurry up....."

She hung up. I thought she was in trouble so I ran all the way to her house. Finally I got there. I ran in.

Ali:"Ever heard of knocking"

Rose:" I thought something bad happened. It's not to smart to say hurry up then hang up on the person"

"Sorry; but come hear"

"What is that?"

"I was on this websit to see who I was related to and look what it says!"

"All it says it that your grandma died of cancer and it runs in your family. Your grandpa is British."

" No right there. I'm related to"

" HARRY STYLES! That can't be real. It must be a mistake."

"No it's not. My mom said she is going to try and get a hold of him and give him the news"

"But Ali he won't answer a call from"

Ails mom Amy: " Ali he answered"

"No way mom are you for real"

"Well his manager"

"Well tell them"

"Ok I will"

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