The returned (one direction fanfic)

What happens when your in a zombie apocalypse and you meet five guys on the side of the road who need help? Do you help them or leave them? Well you help them and start to fall for one of them which is bad, very bad
(I apologize for the bad intro this one was very bad and again I apologize)


2. meeting the boys

"Timmy honey how is mummy doing" I asked Timmy while driving

"She fell asleep"

"Well wake her up" I said looking in the review mirror. He popped out from a curtain which I'm guessing is a bed

"Okay" he nodded and started shaking her "mum wake up" nothing. She didn't move.

"Mum MUM MUMMY" Timmy yelled crying. I didn't realize the tears until my vision became a little blurry.

I parked on the side of the road sadly there were a few of the 'undead' down the street. I sighed.

"Timmy stop please" I put my hand on his shoulder

"B-but" he sobbed

"No Timmy stop" I sighed again looking at mum. A lot of her skin was peeled and whatever skin was there was grey. There was dried and fresh blood comming out of her mouth "I'll do what I can"

He nodded still sobbing

I picked her body up and took her outside and into the forest

"It's okay baby" I heard her whisper

"Don't leave me not like this n-not this soon mum please I need you" I started sobbing

"It's okay baby I'll still be with you I'll be watching over you and Timmy just not physically" she whispered in her scratchy, barely audible voice. She put her hand on my cheek getting a lil blood on it but I didn't care "I love you" I cried hold onto her hand on my cheek it soon went limp

"No" I started shaking

"Mom" I cried shaking her

"Mom please wake up" I held her hand wiping the blood off of what's left of her cheek

"Please I need you" I looked around at the zombies slowly moving in I shook my head and looked down at her

"I'm so sorry mom I'm so sorry I love you" I sobbed slowly standing up

"I love you" I wiped my own tears off with my sleeve and took a deep breath

I looked back at her once more. I took another deep breath got my hand gun and Aimed it towards the body I once called my mother. A tear escaped my eye as I pressed the trigger. I shook my head looked away and ran.


I ran back inside the RV crying my eyes out

Once I had calmed down I looked up to see Timmy sleeping on the comfy looking black leather couch

I picked him up and put him in one of the beds. I decided to look around.

In the front part there was a table inside a small kitchen there was a room with a queen size bed and next to it was a medium bathroom I went in the bedroom and there was a large painting it was a family portrait from a couple month ago when we had out family reunion. Hmm that's weird. It was the only decoration on the wall in the whole RV.

I lightly touched it and ran my finger over my mum and uncle philly.

"They are gone aren't they" I heard a small voice say. I turned around.

"Yeah sorry buddy looks like it's just you and me" he sighed and looked down. Wow everyone's been sighing a lot today.

"Wait" Timmy yelled Jumping up... Just an FYI I totally didn't get scared.. Pfft

"What" I jumped up too

"Uncle philly used to say that he had a secret door behind his painting but only the magical button can open it"

"Yeah I remember him telling us that but where is the button"

"I don't know we can look for it"

I nodded and looked around I felt the painting. Nope. I felt along the wall. Nothing. Wait.. I felt around the golden edges of the painting. Nothing. Damn uncle Philly always was the best at hiding things

"I found it" I heard from Timmy I turned around and saw him with a black thing with a red button

"Where was it"

"Behind the lamp" I mentally face palmed myself. Of course.

"Well press it what are you waiting for"

He shrugged. Lil bugger.

He pressed the button and the painting moved open.

There it was. A door.

"TO NARNIAAAAAA" Timmy screamed running towards the door almost running into it before I caught him

"Oi Timmy you might want to open the door first"

"Oh yeah that" I laughed

"Little bugger" I said ruffling his hair

"Well you big bugger" he said pointing his tongue at me

"Ha ha" I said sarcastically and opened the door.

"Oh my god" Timmy and I said at the same time

It was huge there was all of his camping and survival supplies enough for an army. Including food, guns, food, tents, food, drinks, food, clothes, food, hunting supplies and a lot of my favorite thing in the world food

"Amazing" Timmy said still astounded

"Coolio" I said already eating some chips. Timmy looked at me

"But how" he was astounded

"Don't mess with me and my food Timmy" he shrugged

"Grab what you need for now and pack two small backpacks just in case we have to ditch the RV"

He nodded and grabbed two small backpacks from the one of the shelves and started packing

I looked at my uncles acoustic guitar and sighed. Once again.

I went to the front still eating my chips and started driving.

We drove for ten minutes

"Timmy" I yelled


He came and sat down in the passenger seat and closed the door that connected the driving section to the rest of the RV

"Where should we go"

"Hm well maybe to a gas station first and we can fill up the spare gas tanks in the storage room" wow. smart bugger.

"Yeah that's smart there should be one not far from here grab the gas tanks" he nodded and left

I grabbed my phone from my backpack. Thank god I had all of my stuff packed.

Five minutes later.

I parked into the gas station and started filling up the RV while Timmy and I were filling the tanks on the other gas thingy in front of the RV.

Once we had finished with the tanks we were just waiting for the RV to fill.

We heard gunshots and yelling.

Timmy froze and I ran to the gas lever and realized it was already finished. Nice one aria. I mentally face palmed myself and took the thing out and closed the gas tank cap and ran to the door

"Wait please help us"

I turned around and saw six guys with blood on them. I was about to just leave until.

"Please we need your help we will die if you leave us here" a blot with blonde hair and big blue eyes said

I sighed. Again with the sighing Cocoa puffs I need to stop doing that.

"Okay fine come in but hurry"

They didn't hesitate to hop in. Maybe this was a good idea a few guys that can shoot.

I shot a zombie that was a few feet from us and hopped in and locked the door

"we have a few visitors" I yelled to Timmy

"Stop yelling a-" I put my hand in front of his mouth

"We don't know these people and we can't exactly trust them yet so we need new names for the time being" I whispered in his ear

"Okay well what's our names"

"Come up with one" he nodded and walked up to the five boys and one man

"Hi my name is bobby" Tim- bobby said shaking their hands

"Hi Bobby" one of the boys with brown eyes and hair shorter then everyone else said politely

"Well for the time being bobby and I aren't going to use our real names because we don't exactly know or trust you just yet"

"Okay that's understandable but you saved our lives so we owe you" the man said "I'm Paul"

"I'm Harry" the guy with curly hair and green eyes said

"I'm Liam" the one with brown eyes and shorter hair said

"I'm zayn" the tanner guy with black hair and brown eyes

"I'm Niall" the guy with blonde hair and blue eyes said I stared at him for a second.

"IM LOUIS" the last guy with bluish greyish eyes and light brown hair screamed. Oh no. Another Timmy. Great.

"Hi I'm faith"

"Hi faith" everyone said I looked at my brother and nodded he nodded back

"Okay well you guys can shower and clean up and then meet us back here when you are done so we can have a little chat" I said smiling "oh and boys" they turned and looked at me

"Please don't sit down until you are cleaned and blood free and Timmy will provide you with some of my uncles and cousins clothes"

"Okay" and "thank you" they said and some of them nodded

I rolled my eyes and took a deep breathe. Well this will be interesting.

I started driving and drove until the door opened I looked and saw Liam? Or Louis? I'm not that good with memorizing so many names at once.

"Hi uh.." I drifted off

"Liam" he smiled

"Hi sorry I'm not good with names"

"It's fine" he chuckled

"So where are we going"

"We need to find somewhere to train and stuff"

"Like a forest"

"Well yeah that could work"

"Well there you go"

"Can any of you drive"

"Uh yeah Louis and Paul can"

"Okay good we need more drivers"

"Yeah I know you look tired"

"I feel tired" I smiled tiredly

"Rest up a bit I'll get Paul to drive and when everyone's done getting ready I'll wake you up"

"Thank you" I parked and hugged him

I walked to the back room and as soon as I laid down i fell asleep.

"Faith faith come on wake up"

Someone was shaking me

"Whadoyouwan" I mumbled but it was just gibberish

"I can't understand you love but you have to get up" I sat up and looked at the blondie I forgot his name It started with a D no I think M yeah I think that might have been it

blowing a piece of fallen hair out of my face I smiled and pointed to the door he nodded and walked out

"Fine" I stretched and started changing into my 'battle suit' I fixed my hair into a pony tail and walked out into the main room

"Hello" everyone said

"Nice nap" Liam smiled I smiled back and nodded

"Well okay to start it off we need to see what you are best at and what you need work on"

They nodded

"We will go to the forest and train there no questions please just do what I tell you to do and we will be fine" I smiled and looked at the blondie

"And you" I pointed to Timmy

"Be a good little bugger"

"As long as you be a good bigger bugger"

"Deal" we shook and laughed

"Now first things first where are we currently"

I looked out the window and saw the forest. That's a pleasant surprise.

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