Everyday Is A Second Chance

Maya is Cameron Dallas's little sister. One accident can change her life forever
Just a warning, there is going to be some swear words but I'm basically not saying them, instead having Astrid's there


6. Chapter Six

Chapter 6


Maya’s POV: I knew that Cameron and Matt were staring at me. I could see Cameron pacing back and forth, he was thinking very hard about something. Matt stared at me with hurt eyes, and I noticed that he kept putting his hand to the glass.

"Mr. Dallas..." I heard a nurse say.

He turned and looked at her. I could tell that the nurse hasn't left in days because she had really dark nags under her eyes.

"In order for your friend to go in and see your sister, he has to be apart of the family or your sisters boyfriend."

"Does a family friend count?" Cameron asked.

The nurse shook her head.


Matthew's POV: I knew that once I left Charlotte, I had to get back to the hospital. I need to see Maya.

"Maya will make it..." I thought. "If she doesn't...then I'll be crushed..."

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