Everyday Is A Second Chance

Maya is Cameron Dallas's little sister. One accident can change her life forever
Just a warning, there is going to be some swear words but I'm basically not saying them, instead having Astrid's there


5. Chapter Five

Chapter 5


Cameron’s POV: I saw Matt in the waiting room. He had bags under his eyes and my parents were starting to fill him in on how bad the accident was. My mom saw me and she stopped talking. Matt looked at me, with sad eyes.

“Dude...how...did...this...happen?” He asked.

I gently took his arm and took him to the spot I found earlier.

“Matt...Maya’s former boyfriend is dead. He was killed in the accident, but what I don’t understand is Maya’s side of the car got hit and not Andrews. Maya has almost died on us twice now…” I told Matt.


“Yeah...about five or ten minutes before you showed up.”

“I wish I’d gotten here sooner…”

He started to walk away, when Amber ran out. She grabbed my arm and practically dragged me into the waiting room.

“The...Nurses...Need...You...Now!” Amber exclaimed.

I ran to the nurses quarters and saw them in huddled together. There was one nurse that I’ve seen taking care of Maya, most of the time. I don’t know her name but she’s cute.

“Excuse me...I was told that you needed to see me…” I interrupted the nurses conversation.

“Yes...It seems like Maya needs someone that loves her, other then her family and friends,” the head nurse said.

“What do you mean?”

“Someone whos in love with her.” The one that’s mainly been taking care of Diana.

"So...like someone that Maya's in love with or someone that's in love with Maya?"

"Both..." A red haired nurse said.

I thanked them and went for a Espinosa searched. I need him to see that he sees that Maya is beautiful and that she just can't give up on life. I saw Matt and yelled.

"Yo! Matt!" I yelled.

I ran towards him and noticed that he was texting his girlfriend. I've never met her, but Matt has said that she's very clingy and rude.

"Matt...I need you to see Maya..."

"Okay...why?" He responded.

"I'm afraid that she isn't going to make it..."

He eyes became watery and his head dropped.

"Excuse me for a minute Cam."


Maya's POV: I saw Cameron and Matthew talking. All of a sudden Matthew walked past me, he was talking to someone on the phone. I decided to follow him and see who he's talking too.

"Hey...no, no. Everything's fine...I actually need to talk to you about something..no.Charlotte..I am not asking you to move in together...no....Charlotte...stop getting off topic...Charlotte...I'm breaking up with you...okay...meet me...wait...where are you...California? Were you following me? Okay...fine...meet me in ten minutes at Starbucks."

Matthew hung up and walked out of the hotel. I started following him, but I couldn't get through the doors. I kept trying and then I figured something out. I can't leave because I'm on the verge of dying...


Mathews POV: I feel like someone's following me but no ones there when I turn around. I need to talk to Charlotte though...I never wanted to go out with her, but she practically claimed me. No one really knows that I don't like Charlotte, they all think that I asked her out. The truth is...I like Maya Dallas. Cameron doesn't know that and I don't want him beating me up just because I like Maya.

I saw Charlotte standing outside Starbucks. She embraced me in a hug, and kissed my cheek. She seriously wouldn’t let go of me.

“Charlotte...we need to talk…” I said.

“Okay...what do you want to talk about pookie?” Charlotte responded.

She took my hand and led me inside. I sat down at a table and made sure that Charlotte wasn't coming yet. She had gone to order drinks and come back.

To: Cameron

Cam...I'll be back in about 10..I'm meeting with Charlotte because she wants to know why I'm breaking up with her. Keep me posted about Maya.

I hit send and Charlotte set down a hot chocolate in front of me.

"Charlotte...I'm breaking up with you because you're too clingy and I never wanted to go out with you. We're through."

I got up and walked away sipping my hot chocolate. I threw away my hot chocolate and headed back towards Maya.


Maya's POV: Matthews been gone for a while and I'm starting to worry. My breathing has been decreasing again and I can feel my spirit starting to collapse. Cameron was looking through the ICU door window and then back to the waiting room door. He's been doing this for the past ten minutes, but I know who he's waiting for.

"Cam!" Amber yelled.

He turned. Amber ran all the way to him and saw me hooked up to a ton of machines. She gasped, very loudly that it echoed down the hallways. Nash came next. Then he understood why Amber gasped so long.

"Bro...how long has she been like this...?" Nash asked.

"For almost...two...weeks...." Cameron responded.

Matt came running in and almost crashed into the doors. It looks like he has been running from a few blocks away because he had taken off his sweatshirt.


Matthews POV: I knew that once I left Charlotte, I had to get back to the hospital. I need to see Maya.

"Maya will make it..." I thought. "If she doesn't...then I'll be crushed..."

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