Office Affairs

Taemin is in desperate need of an executive. Jinki is a Seoul University graduate. It seems like a beneficial relationship for the both of them. However, when feelings begin to arise, their relationship may become less than professional.
Pairings: Slight!2min, Ontae, Slight!JongKey


1. Taemin

Lee Taemin sat on his black leather couch staring at the television. At his side was his loving boyfriend, Choi Minho.  
"I don't get it.." Taemin sighed.
"Don't get what?" Minho asked.
"The point of this show. Why have all these idols do foolish things?"
"For publicity." Minho replied nonchalantly.
Taemin chuckled. He found it funny that celebrities would put themselves through so much just to sell more albums. Taemin wondered, though, what it would have been like if he had become a singer instead of taking over his father's company. He shrugged and focused his attention back on the television.
"I'm hungry," the younger boy whined.
"What do you want me to do about it?" Minho chuckled. He looked down at his boyfriend, only to be greeted with Taemin's puppy face.
"Will hyung make Taemin something to eat?" Taemin stuck out his bottom lip in a pout.
Minho's gaze slowly softened. He sighed and rubbed his face before turning to his beloved again. Something about that face always got him. Perhaps it was because Minho liked feeling like the more masculine of the two. He loved it when Taemin acted like a schoolgirl trying to get her oppa's attention.
During the day when Taemin was at work, he acted very reserved and didn't like Minho showing any kind of skinship around his business partners for fear that they would deem him unprofessional. Of course, Minho craved Taemin's affection and was often starved for it by the time Taemin came home. It was like flipping a switch, really.
"Alright, alright, I'll whip something up," Minho caved.
"Thank you, Minho-ah!" Taemin leaned over and kissed the older boy's cheek. Minho chuckled and stood up.
About 20 minutes later, the couple was eating their meal together.
"Any new takers for the job?"
Taemin looked up from his plate.
"Yes. His name is Lee Jinki. I have to say, I’ve heard good things about him," Taemin replied before spooning another bite into his mouth. Minho simply nodded and stared out the window into the black night. His jaw tightened, obviously disapproving of whatever his chocolate brown gaze rested upon.
Taemin glanced up and followed the older man's gaze out the window. He soon found himself starting at a teen, maybe fifteen or sixteen, light a cigarette and take a drag off it. The younger man couldn't say he was surprised. He saw at least three or four teens smoking every day from his office window.
Taemin became lost in his thoughts. He almost didn't hear Minho's voice.
Taemin quickly shifted his gaze to Minho.
"I worry about you.."
Taemin chuckled and shook his head.
"There's no reason to worry. Just because I meet handsome clients doesn't mean that I want a relationship with them. I love you, Minho," the younger man said earnestly. For he did love Minho and had loved him for two years.
"I love you, too, but that's not what I meant. It's dangerous in that part of the city," said Minho. Taemin then had to explain to Minho that he had constant security protecting the building. Again. For the fourth time that week. Of course Minho meant well and never wanted Taemin to feel like Minho was suffocating him with worry and suspicion, Taemin knew that.
But, Taemin wondered, is that what I want?

"Of course it's what I want," Taemin muttered aloud.

"What's what you want?" Minho asked, obviously confused.

"Hm? Oh, nothing, just thinking aloud," Taemin replied, a little too quickly.

"What's going on, Taemin-ah?"

"Nothing, just stressed about work. If you excuse me, I'm expecting an important email," Taemin excused himself from the table. Once he was sure Minho couldn't see him, he quickly opened the internet history of his laptop.

"I have got to stop this.." Taemin muttered as he deleted all the items in relation to adult websites.

Of course, Taemin knew he wouldn't stop. This was really the only thing that aroused him anymore. He loved Minho, but lately.. Minho was boring him.

Sighing to himself, Taemin closed the laptop.

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