Believe in love

When Jack falls for a girl he's known for several years he soon finds out she doesn't believe in love. Her past has influenced her in ways many can't understand, but he's determined to show her the truth about love and that it really does exist.


1. Getting her to agree.

The second Jack saw Malia turn the corner into the grounds he approached her. An almost shy smile on his face as he asked her the question he's been asking her for weeks, "so what about today?"

For weeks Jack had been trying to get Malia to agree to something. She knew that he liked her, and she had to admit she liked him too. She had for a long time. But she couldn't shake the gut feeling that overcame her when she thought about the 'being in a relationship' not to mention the whole 'being in love' aspect of it. She'd never believed in love and despite her feelings for him Jack wasn't going to change that.

That's why he'd come up with this. He'd wanted to prove to her that love existed, that not every relationship was filled with lies to try and comfort the other. Yes, making your partner happy was a part of a relationship, but not lying to them. All he needed was for her to give him a chance.

Malia turned to Jack, she could see the hope in his face that she might say yes. And she thought maybe it was time. After weeks, and weeks of him begging she was starting to be convinced of saying yes. Every doubt she'd had he'd reassured her about. Plus, what was the fault in trying?

"Fine." Malia replied finally. The second the words left her lips Jack's face lit up, but she stopped him before he could say anything. "But there's a few rules... One, no kissing, and two, no saying 'I love you' I don't care if you're saying it to me or vise versa, no."

Jack bit his lip lightly before replying, thinking over her two rules.

"Fine, but what happens if I break them?"

"Then this is over, I can't deny my feelings for you. But you need to respect how I feel about relationships, I know this is awkward and you should hate me—" but Jack cut her off before she could finish.

"I don't hate you, I could never hate you. This was my idea, and you know I respect how you feel about relationships, hence why we're doing this at all. I want to show you that there's another side to relationships. A side where you don't get hurt."

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