Lost Girl

Victoria is different. No body cares about her, not her aunt, peers, or even teachers. On possibly the worst day of her life, she hears the sweet sound of music playing from right outside her window. What she doesn't know is that this music is what will set her free.



So I just saw that 5 people want me to continue this story, here on Movellas. I honestly hate Movellas, so I just published this story on Wattpad. I titled it "Just Another Lost Girl" instead of Lost Girl due to the sheer number of Lost Girls in fan fictions. Just ew.

My account name is Fandoms_and _Fandoms

so follow me broski.

The deal is: I want 5 comments or votes on this story on my Wattpad account, and then I will continue this story, but on Wattpad.

I like Wattpad so much more than Movellas, the app is better and I like the feel of it more too.

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