Living with the Janoskians

This is what would happen if a girl lived with The Janoskians


1. Ride

"Wooooo!!!" Daniel screamed as the boys(Beau, Jai, James, Like, Daniel) and Emily sped down the highway in Beau's blue convertible. There were 5 seats but 6 people so Luke, Daniel, James, and Jai all squished into the backseat while Emily and Beau sat in the front. Beau was driving. And Emily is dating Beau, they've been dating for about 4 years and she's so happy but it's just really hard since she's a girl and they're all boys. Emily turned on the radio and it started playing the song Classic. Which was Emily's favorite song. She started screaming and Beau started mimicking her. "Shut up idiot." She laughed. Beau laughed and then Luke got between them and said,"Oh ya get some guys." And started sticking his tongue in and out of his mouth. "Fuck off." Beau said and pushed him back. They started laughing and then James said,"What's today???" Saturday...why?" Emily said. "Daresunday. We need a dare." James said. "Oh yeah." Jai said. "Can I be in it???" Emily anxiously asked. "Ha ha no." Luke said. "But whhyyyy?" Emily complained. "Cause you can't take our awesomeness." Daniel said. Emily gave him the 'are you serious' look. They got home and walked into their mansion and Emily was still complaining about the video and then said,"Beau why can I not be in your video????" "CAUSE YOURE NOT A JANOSKIAN AND YOU NEVER WILL BE!!!" Beau yelled at her angrily. "I'm sorry for trying to be with you guys." Emily whispered with tears filling her eyes. She then ran upstairs and locked herself in her room and sobbed into her pillow. She just wanted to do one dare video with her boyfriend and bestfriends. They were her only friends...every time she gets a friend they were just using her to meet the boys. She's always lonely. Sure she has Beau, Luke, Jai, James, and Daniel but she wants a girl bestfriend. Someone she could talk about periods, guys, shoes, hair, makeup, fashion to. But she doesn't have one. She just kept sobbing feeling bad for herself. All of a sudden there was a knock at her door. "Em...Em can I come in sweetheart?" Beau said to her through the door. She didn't answer hoping he would leave. Finally he left but it got worse. He got all of the boys and a guitar and leaned on her door and Luke played the guitar while they sang "Stay With Me" through the door. Tears kept coming out of Emily's eyes though. They just don't understand. Then Beau gagged because Emily always laughs when he gags. She smiled a bit. She took a deep breath and got up and opened the door, Beau got up off of the ground and pulled her into a tight hug. And then she whispered in his ear,"Hugging is for wimps loser." They both laughed and Beau said,"Emily, I'm really sorry...I've just been having a rough day with my phone going off every second and fans trying to commit suicide and money problems and-" and then Emily cut him off by kissing his warm soft lips. They kissed for a while and then Emily pulled away and said,"It's fine. I'll always love you Beau." He smiled and pulled her into a kiss and then Daniel said,"We'll leave you two mother fuckers alone." And the other boys went downstairs while Beau and Emily kissed like crazy.

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