Living with the Janoskians

This is what would happen if a girl lived with The Janoskians


2. Morning

Emily's POV


I sat up in my bed and yawned. I dragged my feet downstairs and looked at the time. It was 10:00am. I sighed and got some breakfast. I heard footsteps coming downstairs. It was Luke. "Hey sunshine." I said. He just looked at me as if his brain was still asleep. I chuckled and then got some poptarts and put them in the toaster. I got some orange juice and some grapes and waited for the poptarts to be ready. They finally popped up and I put them on a plate and gave all of it to Luke. He smiled and started to eat it. I love these boys. I'm their second mother. I made myself breakfast and sat infront of the tv and watched a random tv show. Then I heard another pair of feet slowly coming downstairs. It was James. "Hey boo." I said. He smiled and got a bowl of cereal and sat beside me. We watched tv for a while and then Luke said,"Can you go wake up the boys? We need to get to Daresundays." "Sure." I said and headed upstairs. I went into Jai and Daniel's room and shook them both and said,"Guys you gotta get up. It's time to get ready for Daresundays." Jai sat up and Daniel just moaned and rolled over. "C'mon Daniel. Get up." I said. He finally sat up and rubbed his eyes. I went into Beau's room and shook him and said,"Sweetheart. You gotta get up for Daresundays. C'mon." He opened his eyes and then stretched and then said,"Get in bed with me." "I can't. You gotta get up." I said. "Pleeeease? Just for 5 minutes?" He begged. I sighed and rolled my eyes and got in bed with him. I snuggled close and he started spooning me. I smiled and felt his warm chest against mine. "Is it cold outside?" He asked in his morning voice. "Freezing." I whispered. His bed was so warm. I wanted to stay in it with him all day. "Ok it's been about 15 minutes." I said. Beau moaned and then sat up. He dragged himself out of the bed and started to get ready. All of the boys finally got ready and then went to do their dares. Cleaning time. I went upstairs and started making all of their beds and cleaning up their dirty rooms. I got all of the dirty clothes in every room and washed them and then put them in the dryer. I then started to pick up all of the soda cans and red bull cans and crap. I managed to organize their closets which took forever. I went into all of the bathrooms and cleaned up. I wiped the mirrors down and put their toothbrushes in a cup and cleaned the bathtub and toilet. I cleaned so much around the whole entire house! It was spotless when I was done. I clean like this every Sunday. I looked at the time and it was already 4pm. So much for relaxing. The boys are coming at 5 and I need to make dinner. I always make sure they eat healthy since they eat all that crap in their dares. I decided to make spaghetti and meat sauce and broccoli and also garlic bread. I started making it and right when I finished the boys walked in.

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