Living with the Janoskians

This is what would happen if a girl lived with The Janoskians


5. Lies

I woke up the next morning to my phone going off. Someone was calling me. I answered it and it was a girl from my cheerleading team in 12th grade. She was wondering if the whole team and her could come over at 10 tomorrow morning. I was speechless at first and then I said,"Y-Yes!!! Of course!!!" We said goodbye and then hung up. I sat in my bed in shock and then started screaming and I got up and ran through the hallways banging on the boys' doors yelling,"YES GIRLS ARE COMING OVER TOMORROW!!!!! YEEEESSS!!!! AAAHHHH!!!" Beau walked out of his room and I jumped into his arms. I was so happy!!! I finally get to see a girl that's not a fan!!! Daniel walked out of his room and yelled,"It's too early for this shit!!!" I just laughed and Beau and I danced around the hallway. I was so happy.


Beau's POV

I got on my phone and got on YouNow. It was playing a broadcast of these girls. One of them said,"Heeyyy to my viewers!!! I'm Chelsea! This is Ashley, Macy, Andi, Britany, Jessie, Avery, Kat, Victoria, and Kendall!!! We just wanna say that we get to see the Janoskians tomorrow!!! We're so excited!!!" Then a blonde girl said,"Ya we totally set this faggot from our cheer team up! She thinks we wanna hang out with her but we hate that hoe and we're just coming for her mansion and she lives with the Janoskians so yeah." Then all of the girls started laughing. I was disgusted. They ended the broadcast. "Fuck no." I whispered. I told Daniele and he was disgusted too. We love Emily so much and we would never want her to get hurt. We came up with an awesome plan. They're not hurting our girl.

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