The Hatter problem

Febris Till is a Detective. A brilliant one. When an Alice in Wonderland themed murder takes place who was the murderer? Who's innocent? Who's dead?


3. The tea, has been brewed

My eyes went wide. I realised what happened and called Cameron straight away. . .



It rang a couple of times then he picked up.


‘Crime scene. Now! Call Macarthy. I’ve figured it out!’

I hung up. Hugged Alice and promised her I’d be back. Then strode out the Hospital. By the time I finished talking to Alice the sun was setting so I took a bus instead of walking to Shindon and arrived at the house within a few minutes. Cameron was already there with Lucas and they both stared at me; waiting for an answer. I beckoned them to follow me and we entered the eerie house. I led the two men up the stairs and into the tearoom. The bodies weren’t there anymore but there was still dried blood covering the once white table cloth. I searched each room in the house, looking for the study then... I found it. A room, filled with paper, plans and a television in the middle of the room. The television turned on automatically. It was India Shancus.

‘Hello, if you’re watching this my plan partly succeeded. Yes, I was set out to kill my husband. I was planning this for many years you know.’ I breathed; glad to know I was right. The woman carried on speaking. ‘You don’t understand what life is like to live with this man. If I died, the man; my husband would take all my belongings. My things and he lived in madness with royal blood! Yes, he got the attention because; he was good at making hats and had royal blood. I got no attention. Although I am dead, I am free. I have killed my husband because of his flaws, because he got the attention, because he made me mad! Because he knew that the Illuminati were alive. I risked my life to keep this secret, now you know, and now you die with the knowledge! Goodbye’

With that the screen went black and then I realised;

‘Bomb!’ There was a bright light, a ringing in my ears, then blackness.


I was slightly deaf in one ear after the explosion and had second-degree burns. So did Cameron but we were okay.

 Forty-eight hours after the accident Lucas Macarthy passed away with a punctured lung and third-degree burns since he was closest to the bomb. Cameron and I mourned his death and gradually learned that we had a stronger bond than friendship. We both had commitment issues but learned to cope with each other. In the end we were unmarried, solving crimes with an adopted child called Alice. She was allowed out of the home two months after the Hatter problem.


AN  ~

 I know this ended up as a cliché tale but the tea was brewed and that was how this story was drunk up. Perhaps... in another universe Alice was lost in the woods and ended up kidnapped. However, we shall leave that for another time reader. I just have one question now.

Why is a Raven like a writing desk?-The Mad Hatter,

                             Yours truly, The author (MN)

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