The Hatter problem

Febris Till is a Detective. A brilliant one. When an Alice in Wonderland themed murder takes place who was the murderer? Who's innocent? Who's dead?


1. It's going down

I stumbled backwards, two hands on my throat, my face probably going purple by now. My head was forced backwards and hit something cold: the window. It smashed around me, shards of glass digging into my skin and warm blood seeping into my clothes.

The wind blew off my hat and I heard the small thump it made when hitting the ground below me. I was a little annoyed that my colleague-Cameron Mable hadn't turned up yet despite the fact he was on a so called 'date', nor had the police. What does it take to save someone's life around here?

I'm hanging halfway out a window. Now this-Looks bad.


It was early morning and the sun had already risen. I heard footsteps behind me- The footsteps were heavy, likely male, and they sped up as I did, a sure sign that things were about to go very badly for me, very soon...

I have many enemies. It’s possible that the man had been behind me since I left my house, I wasn’t certain though because I have only recently heard the steps.

I crossed the road and came upon the nearest building, a school. The code was easy to figure out: there was fingerprints on the numbers (2, 6, 3, 1) I entered the numbers in a random order; wrong. Then again in lowest number to highest; correct. I entered the building and the man having realised I was trying to get away, ran and shot the key hole. The door swung open and he chased me up the stairs. I entered a room, the man on my trail. It was a dead end.

I turned around and saw him, he was dressed in a pair of skinny jeans and a dark jumper. A gun was also tucked into his jeans and he charged towards me arms outstretched-they latched onto my neck. I stumbled backwards, two hands on my throat, my face probably going purple by now.

'Seems you, Titch, have run out of time' the Assassin said. I scowled and brought my foot up slowly (without him realising. He was enjoying himself, annoying me) then slammed it down on top of his shoe (a pair of Vans, quite thin, providing no protection on ones feet) He roared in pain, let go of me and I shot up, kneed him where the sun doesn't shine and he fell to the ground with a high-pitched whine.

'I don't like cocky criminals' I snarled and brought my fist down onto his nose. I heard something crack. He groaned.

I stood up and strutted out of the school, picking up my phone and texting Cameron,

Knocked someone out that tried to kill me, meet me at Kings-jane Academy. Come quickly -FT

I didn't get a reply but within twenty minutes I heard a faint tap, tap tapping and saw a figure almost sprinting towards me. Rolling my eyes I waited another few minutes until he got here, panting and out of breath.

'Are you okay?' (Pant. Pant. Pant) Cameron heaved. I sighed, walked away to pick up my hat and dusted it off, placing it neatly on my head. By the time I stood back in front of Cameron his breathing was back to normal(after taking a wheeze from his asthma pump) I chuckled.

'You got dumped again, right?' He exhaled and nodded. He imitated the girl 'You're too attached to your work and to your "friend"!' We both chuckled.

'So, another fell out of a window story, right?' Cameron said sarcastically. Suddenly he looked at me with his eyebrows raised and a panicked look in his eyes.

'Work!' We both blurted out. We burst into fits of giggles. We ended up arriving at work an hour late.


'Detective Till, Officer Mable. You're late!' We heard the receptionist snap and she turned her nose down at us as we entered the station.

'You don't say' Cameron replied, ever-so matter-of-factly. I hid a laugh behind my hand and we entered our office. It was a mess. Letters, all over the floor. Newspapers piled around our desk, and empty coffee cups scattered behind the one clear space: our laptop space. Our desks were practically identical, a mess and a disaster.

As I sat down, coffee in hand, about to research the Malaysia airline disappearance I leaned back and a searing pain shot up my spine; the glass. I forgot about the shards digging into my back. I winced and groaned. No-one was in the room so I made my way to the door with great difficulty, about to grab for the handle when I tripped and fell. I shrieked. Then I saw nothing. Faint voices. Shouting. Then silence.


I woke up to whiteness; walls, sheets, hospital gown and a really irritating beeping noise. I realised there was a bandage around my body and that there was a small pot on the bedside table. Filled with a jagged, crystal-like appearance although, there was plenty of scarlet flecks on the (presumably)glass that was pulled out of my back. I sat up and checked my phone, saw five missed calls and two messages from Lucas Macarthy, my boss. God, this had to be important. The door creaked open and the nurse looked at me with sympathy.

'You fainted because of the pain and the amount of blood-loss dear, you have to be careful. You've been in here for one day and your boyfriend hasn’t left since you’ve been here.' She explained. I grinned and told her that he was my colleague then sat up and text Cameron.

Get me some clean clothes from my house, sorry 4 worrying u. - FT

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