Half A Heart { 1D }


4. Meet Niall Horan

Ariana's P.O.V.

As we are walking inside against the living room we, that would mean me and Harry since my mom already left to find Anne bombed into Gemma and gave her a bone squeezing hug while she's laughing.

"Long time no see Ariana! You look absolute stunning" I smiled widely at her comment.

"Thank you Gem, but honestly did you check yourself out? because you are so adorable in that dress" I meant it though, she had a turquoise dress on with no straps and a butterfly on the back.

Harry just chuckled beside me, and made spiteful comments under his breath so we could barley hear him.

I had known Gemma as long as I can remember, I even think i was at Harry's house playing that time when Anne got to the hospital.

After I got to hug her once more we were leaving to the kitchen where Anne and my mom was already having a endless conversation, when me and harry walked slowly ind side.

"Ariana darling wow! What beautiful young lady you have Katie, don't you think harry?" Anne said loudly while she walked over to me and pulled me into a hug.

I could see that harry was blushing and he was thinking, witch made me uncomfortable. I may have a weak spot for harry and i sometime wish we could be more than just Friends. But who am i kidding? he is an international pop star and any girl would love to be his so why did i once think i had a chance?

He spoke "Yes mom, Ariana look incredibly gorgeous tonight" I really bush there too, Harry was giving me a compiment, and not just pretty or beautiful but gorgeous.

"Want to hang out in the lounge, mom is still cooking, it should be done in a bit though?" He kept locking right in the eyes so i just nodded, so I wouldn't break our gaze.

"Dinner will be ready in about 20 minutes, Harry made me start late so he could soend somte time with you before dinner" She told me in her so kind voice that i have missed, while harry was loking at to ground.

"Thought we could use the time to catch up?" He was asking with a smirked on his lips.

We was heading to the sofa´s now anyways so i could start teasing him again, something i havent don´t in ages literally.

"Still the same old Harry, or should I call you Mr. Cheesy Grin?" And there we was again laughing our arses off again like in old days while i mad sassy jokes and he made cheesy ones that even was not funny, at all.

"But yeah of course, I wanna now what Mr. Cheesy Grin could have going on for the past 2 years, beside the things I read in the magazine you now?" I say with a little insecure in my voice, maybe that one was a little mean because ya the things in the magazine are like not true or evil stuff the most of the time.

Then I'm wondering why i even said it...

Stupid me like always, scarring the boys off with my speaking manners and sassy jokes. (Maybe also my laugh for god sake!)

"Has it already been 2 years!?" Harry half shouted, what is his problem? Did he really forget how long time ago it was we have hang out?

"Oh sorry, i didn't mean to shout it so loud" He says while looking down in the capped while a awkwardness is in between us.

In that moment I hear some noises coming from the hall way, but it don't seems to bother Harry maybe because he is in Harry's world thinking about how he's going to safe the evening without making it too awkward.

I guess I just ignore it while I put my thoughts in how i could be in Harry's world.

While we are sitting there in our own thoughts someone snapped us out of the gaze. But it was defiantly not Gemma, but a guy.

It seamed like Harry's was about telling me something that was important when the guy with ocen blue eyes there was fixed on me, and made my heart skip a beat, suddenly reached his hand out for shocking it with mine.

"Hello, My name is Niall Horan" He said very calm and kinda sexy, while hes smiling so i get to see his bracelet.

Niall? I now he is also in the band, of course! I'm a huge fan, but why is he here when every body else in the band is in their homes together with there's families?

While I am going to tell him my name, how rude of me sitting here in my own thoughts lost in his beautiful eyes putting him in that uncomfortable situation when I should have answered him with what my name was.

Never mind because after that moment he was saying something that shocked me even more than Harry's face was turning all red...

☀Gosh Babes, you guys are the best. Thank you all so much for them who voted, share and comment on my story coz it mean the world to me!ツ I will start giving dedications to the people who are reading!✿ plus 136 reds, Waou that's so wonderful. It makes me wanna continue writing on the book! Anyways have a great day, Lots Of Love - Gigi♫

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