Half A Heart { 1D }


3. In The Car

Ariana's P.O.V

''Waow darling you look great!'' My mom says with a huge smile on her face while we are driving

''Are you excited to see Harry, Anne and Gemma?''

''Yea I'm nervous but very excited, I wonder if Harry has changed much?'' I'd really hope that he still was the same old Harry, and that the fame didn't effect on him.

"I don't think so I still think he Is the kind hearted ladies man he has always been" my mum said with a wink.

"Hopefully!" I said laughing, and looking out the window as we drove down roads I have been down way too many times.

As we pulled up to their house everything was still the same.

All the memories of my childhood were flashing threw my head, when me and Harry would run through the sprinklers when we were about 6.

When we would tease Gemma when she would go on dates when we were 12 or 13.

When Anne would make us lunches and we would sit in the yard acting like we were on a island eating lunch and throwing crisps at each other.

We got out of the car and walked up too the door I was beyond excited! But also way too nervous. We Rang the doorbell.

"I'll get it mum!" I heard from the other side in a deep raspy voice.

Harry. The door began to open and there he was.

"Hello Harry" my mum said, with grin.

I was in awe. His green eyes were sparkling, His curly hair was pushed back out of his face, He was wearing a black fitted T-shirt and some black skinny jeans.

He looked as though he stepped out of a magazine.

"Ariana!" I broke out of my train of thought, and Harry was looking at me with a huge smile.

"Hi Harry" I simply said with a smile and Harry reached out to pull me into a hug.

Yep, same old Harry , yet more attractive and smells better. After a small hug we went inside.

He grabbed my hand and hold it tidily which make me a little uncomfortable but I still manage to blush.

''I've missed you to death'' he whispers into my right ear, I'm laughing loudly and trying to squeeze his hand, so he finally let go off mine.

''I've missed you too Styles'' I say quiet back.

A big grin cover his face while I probably are blushing mine off again, then he must have heard it.

But it make me happy anyways cause I've missed him so much that it's hurting, and I'm relief over that he doesn't have forgotten all about me.

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