More Than This.

Doesn't everyone hate lies? Lexi surely doesn't!

Niall Horan has been Lexi's enemy since they both started High School. That is until a new boy named Louis Tomlinson arrives at Manor High and Niall tells them to get together. Lexi's friend Misti also likes Louis but Lexi and Louis are already together. Is she still Lexi's friend or not?

During the story Louis goes missing and Lexi is unhappy and sick. Does Misti help or not? Does Louis ever come back to Lexi?
Find out now!


8. The Day Of The Date!

13th of December! Do you remember? No?!

Well, today is The Day Of The Date.

I'm on my way right now. Excited, nervous and happy at the same time. My hands are shaking because I am worried that I might do something wrong, like smother him to much or maybe surround him with too much love. Maybe those two reasons are the same. Silly me! I've got my hair up in a pony tail, my long blonde hair stretching out on my back. I have waterproof mascara on, just incase I cry and some red lipstick which isn't that bright.


Anyway, here I am at the restraunt, waiting for Louis. What if he doesn't come? A few minutes later Louis arrives, dressed smartly with a suit and tie. He hands me a bouquet of flowers, roses, my favourite! How'd he know? Oh well, proberly a good guess.

"Niall told me you like roses, I asked him because I wasn't sure!" Louis says.

Maybe not!

"Oh, that's alright." I say with a small smile.

The date goes by with a awesome meal, presents and jokes. Louis gave me a diamond necklace and a beautiful ring.

I gave him a loom braclet, which I say to him is a friendship braclet but it could be more. He says thanks and says he appreciates me coming.

We have pizza and garlic bread, Louis wolfs his down and so do I.

We talk about our lives, what we want to be when we're older. I say I would like to be an actress or a writer. He says he would like to be an actor or a singer or a member of a boy group that sings.


When it's time to go home we hug... And kiss...

"It was so fun tonight, your jokes are awesome Louis." I say. A smile spreads across his face. I love Louis. He's sweet, kind and he's got an amazing singing voice.

"Oh, Louis! By the way, your a great singer. I think you'll get far to be singing in a boy group." I say to him, looking into his emerald eyes.

On the walk home I think about the date. How it went so well. Maybe Niall was right. He is the one for me. He does look perfect with me. Thank You Niall.

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