More Than This.

Doesn't everyone hate lies? Lexi surely doesn't!

Niall Horan has been Lexi's enemy since they both started High School. That is until a new boy named Louis Tomlinson arrives at Manor High and Niall tells them to get together. Lexi's friend Misti also likes Louis but Lexi and Louis are already together. Is she still Lexi's friend or not?

During the story Louis goes missing and Lexi is unhappy and sick. Does Misti help or not? Does Louis ever come back to Lexi?
Find out now!


6. My Birthday Suprise...

I'm 16 today and it's the last day of yr 11! Yay!

When I awake  I get dressed straight away and have breakfast then I wash my long, wavy, blonde hair and then blow dry it.

As I walk to school I get a text message from Misti saying,

Happy Birthday Lex! Luv u xxx

This time I texted back,

Thx Misti, luv u 2 xxx

I carry on walking to school when my phone bleeps at me again!

This time it is from Niall,

Happy Birthday Lexi! See u @ school x

I don't text back. Just as I walk through Manor High gates there is a little gang of my friends, including Louis and Niall. Louis walks up to me and says, "I would of texted you but I don't have your number so, Happy Birthday!" And everyone starts singing Happy Birthday to me. Misti then gives me her present to me and so does my other friend, Aimee. I thank them both and run to my next lesson trying not to be seen by any teachers. I check my phone and realise I'm already late! Great, late to lesson on my birthday, what a great start Lexi!


I start running up to history and trip up the stairs. Hopefully no one was watching. I carry on running up the stairs when I spot Misti on the wall outside, crying. I text her but she doesn't take her phone out. I decide to walk up to my classroom and when I get in Louis is smiling broadly and so is Sir.

"Hello Lexi. Happy Birthday." Says Sir. I look around for everyone in the classroom and then music starts playing, dance music. Out of nowhere my friends, Dani, Ellie and Maddie start dancing. They dance elegantly around the tables. When they finished Sir puts his hand on my shoulder and then Niall does some street dance, which sort of fails and then, Louis gets up onto the table and tells me to sit down. First of all he sings Happy Birthday to me. His voice is so smooth and soft and then he sings a song he's made up. He keeps eye contact with me all the time throughout both of the songs, his beautiful green eyes looking deep into mine.

When he finishes he smiles and walks out the room. I gaze where he was sitting and then Misti walks into the room, tear stained face and bloodshot eyes...I walk up to her and take her outside the room again. She starts crying again and I ask what's the matter and she tells me that Niall had told her that Louis liked me instead of her because she fancied him aswell. "Misti! You can't cry over that. Not being mean or anything, but grow up!" I say, upset because she is being like this on my birthday. I storm back into my history room and go get a drink of lemonade. Niall clinks his glass on mine and says "Cheers to the Birthday Girl!" I chuckle and that's when Louis comes back in saying he wants me alone.


When we get onto the feild I tell him my legs hurt but he doesn't listen to me. We get under a tree and that's when something amazing happens...We kiss. It's a soft kiss. When his lips touch mine, it feels like a miracle, I didn't want this moment to stop but eventually it does.

"That's my birthday present to you!" He says with the cutest smile again.

We walk back to history class together and have great fun!

When I walk back home I think back to the kiss, did he mean it? Yes! He did! He swore on his life he did with his fingers not crossed. I love Louis and Louis loves me...

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