More Than This.

Doesn't everyone hate lies? Lexi surely doesn't!

Niall Horan has been Lexi's enemy since they both started High School. That is until a new boy named Louis Tomlinson arrives at Manor High and Niall tells them to get together. Lexi's friend Misti also likes Louis but Lexi and Louis are already together. Is she still Lexi's friend or not?

During the story Louis goes missing and Lexi is unhappy and sick. Does Misti help or not? Does Louis ever come back to Lexi?
Find out now!


9. 7 Years From The Date...

It's been 7 years from the day of mine and Louis date, I'm now 22.

Now, you're proberly wondering and asking this question,

Are you and Louis together?

Yes! We have been together for 7 years. I hope it lasts forever.

We have had the best days of both our lives together these 7 years. Going on trips. To the zoo, clubs and sometimes a quiet night in watching a movie or something. We may go do some shopping one day or go for a walk or a jog. Maybe go on a bike ride. Whatever we do, we're together. We've got through some arguements, but they are mostly little silly things like, what to watch on tv! Together we're a goofy couple, who love jokes and messing around. We love each other and we get plenty of exercise which is great. We've just finished university aswell, both of us. We are both very happy with our lives and I am especially happy.

I still keep in touch with Misti and Niall. Louis definitely keeps in touch with Niall. They go out, practising songs whenever I go hang around with Misti. Niall and Misti have grown up very fast, espcially Niall, who is a lot more mature than he used to be. I bet you can remember can't you?!

Me and Louis are growing up to. Louis is even more gorgeous and he says I'm even more beautiful. Aw, I do love Louis!

We've got a flat with a little garden in the back. We grow apple trees and banana trees and we grow flowers. We garden everyday and whenever it's sunny we sunbath on the grass. We look up at the clouds and make pictures out of them.

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