Alpha Wars

Ace and Hailey are mates...
They're also both equally arrogant Alphas. Can they push there pride aside and have their happily ever after or will they get caught up in their Alpha Wars?...


2. The new guy

All I wanted was a calm day at school with no drama. But clearly the fates weren't on my side today.

Not only are there boys running around playing football, girls bitching loudly to one another but there also appears to be a fight occurring in the centre of the hallway.

I stroll over to where a crowd had formed around the fight and peer over a girls shoulder and find
Enita holding Ashley in a head lock .

“What did you say about girls not being able to fight?” Enita hisses, fighting the head lock. Ashley's eyes shoot out of his socket and he waves his arm about trying to get out of Enita's grip.

“I-I was wrong, I was so wrong! You can totally fight, now please,” he says, wrapping his fingers around Enita's arm and trying to pry her off him.

Fun fact about myself, those two bimbos who are fighting, yeah, those are my two best friends. Don't ask me why or how it happened, we're so different and yet we all just click.

Enita is a total rebel. She has a short temper and is always breaking the rules.

Ashley is your typical sport junkie. He signs up to at least 50 different sports competitions each year and as a result, he is absolutely ripped. He's complete oblivious to his good looks even though practically every girl -not include I and Enita- is drooling over him.

“Excuse me,” I say to the girl in front of me, trying to get through.

Everyone stops watching the fight and instead stares at me, then in a split second they separate  down the middle making a path for me to walk through. I grin to myself, there're perks to being the Alpha's sister- especially when a third of the population of your school are in your pack.

For starters, everybody respects you. Secondly everyone has to do what you tell them to and if they don't you can threaten to get your older brother on them. And lastly... everybody respects you!

I strut though the path with a satisfied grin on my face. To say I was intimidated by the stares would be a lie, I love the attention- what can I say, I'm an attention whore.  

“That's what I thought you said,” Enita says, letting Ashley go as I approach them.

“Do I have to start coming to school early to make sure you guy don't fight?” I greet them before fold my arms.

“It's not my fault she's crazy!” Ashley says, adjusting his clothes.

“Call me crazy, one more-”

“Guys!” I interrupt them with a laugh “Bickering can wait. Let's not be late to class,”

After going to our lockers, we walk down the hallway to our next lessons.

“Do you smell that?” asks David while sniffing the air as we approach my first lesson- maths, ugh! 

 Enita sniff the air “I smell it too,” Enita says before letting out a low growl. 

I in turn sniff the air but I don't smell what the others are smelling, instead I smell something divine, a blend of freshly baked bread and newly cut grass. Vanilla, a sweet summers breeze and -sniff- mmm chocolate. The kind that melts in your mouth.

“Mmmm,” I say as I lick my lips. My legs seem to have a mind of their own as I began walking in the direction of the smell. I wasn't watching where I was going and I bump into someone, knocking me out of my trance. 

“Speaking of foul smells,” Ashley says from behind me. I open my eyes to find Courtney and her sidekick Kimberley. My scenes are infiltrated with a strong perfume scent and the heavenly scent I'd smelt earlier leaves as fast as I came. I whimper at its departure.

“Looky here girls,” she points to me “if it isn't dumb,” she points to Enita “ and dumber,”

To Ashley she flips her red dyed hair “Hey Ash,”

“It's Ashley actually,” corrects Ashley.

Courtney rolls her eyes “Whatever,”

From beside me, Enita release a low growl that only I and David can hear with our super hearing. The thing about Courtney is, she's a rich, daddy's girl, so she's used to getting everything she wants. And right now she wants to be queen bee of the school which -by the way- is my current title.

So she's always trying to pick fights with Enita and me but not Ashley. No, she practically throws herself at Ashley. The worst part is Courtney is a breather so it's not like I or Max or any of us can do anything about it. Werewolf laws states clearly, never attack humans unless they pose a fatal threat- grunt.

“Hey Courtney, I love your smile,” I smile sweetly “yellow  is my favourite colour,”

Courtney gasps and covers her flings a hand over her mouth before turning to Kimberley “I thought you said no one will notice,” she whispers even though we all can hear her. 

Kimberley shrivels away “I-I..”.

Courtney then trots away in the opposite direction with Kimberley  tagging behind, her chin on her chest. 

The reason Kimberley follows Courtney around is will always be a mystery to me. Kimberley seems like a decent girl, gets alright grades and is almost always well behaved. So why is she following around Courtney?

“Bye Hailey, see you at lunch,” I say Ashley. I was so deep in thought I hadn't noticed that Ashley and Enita were already walking to their lessons.

I wave goodbye to Ash before entering my Maths classroom. I sit down in my usually spot at the back of the classroom when Mr Hoggard.

“Good morning class I hope we all had a lovely summer. Today we're going to learn about...”

Ugh! I'm bored already! I take out my note book and begin to doddle. I was midway in doodling a penguin when that sensational scent hit me again. My head immediately snapped up as someone walks into the room. He was medium built with chocolate brown eyes. His hair was short and black and all I wanted to do was run up to him and run my hands through its think and silky texture.

“Ah,” the Mr Haggard says putting his white board pen down “You must be the new student,”

He smiles to reveal two rows of perfectly polished teeth which caused me to melt in my seat. Mr Haggard puts his white board pen down and holds out his hand for the new guy to shake “I'm Mr Haggard,”

My wolf was jumping and howling in my head. She kept beginning to take control and it was getting difficult to stay in control.

“I'm Ace,” says the guy says, shaking Mr Haggard's hand. Ace, could his name be any sexier?

I can't back my wolf anymore, she pushes through taking control and I'm pushed back into the corner. 

“Mate,” I purr.

Ace's head perks up at his name. His eyes immediately lock onto mine.

“Hailey,” I see his lips mouth “Mate,”

“Mine,” I growl before I launch myself at him.






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