Alpha Wars

Ace and Hailey are mates...
They're also both equally arrogant Alphas. Can they push there pride aside and have their happily ever after or will they get caught up in their Alpha Wars?...


3. Detention

Ace and I are sitting side by side Mr Fenton's office. Did I mention Mr Fenton is the deputy head teacher of the school?

He peers at us from above his round glasses, his pale blues eyes examining us closely. Mr Fenton is in his late forties and if placed in the right light, his black hair looks faintly dark brown.

“Ms Nightingale. Mr Cane. Do you know why you're here?”

“Yes sir,” I says as a blush creeps itself across my checks.

“There shouldn't be a problem,” Ace looks over at me but I look away feeling even more embarrassed “We never broke any rules,”

Mr Fenton sighs, taking off his glasses and rubbing the bridge of my nose “Just because it isn't written in the school code of conduct doesn't mean you're allowed to begin mating in the middle of class. I would've thought that was obvious,”

As Mr Fenton finishes, my cheeks are burning hot. I'd almost mated with Ace right there and then in the classroom. It took two male wolves from my pack one of my pack to pull me off him and two other wolves  to hold Ace down. Mr Fenton sorted out the rest.

“Well it should be,” Ace shrugs “Then no one will get confused,” 

Mr Fenton was about to say something when he suddenly stops his eyes going blank; I assume someone's mind linking him. Mr Fenton is basically the deputy head teacher everyone goes to when there's a wolf crisis- mainly because he's the only teacher that's a shifter.

He's part of my pack but he works in the school to keep an eye on the teenage wolves and makes sure they don't expose us werewolves.

'You're so beautiful' I hear a voice inside my head. I turn my head to see Ace smiling at me. He winks and I smile a look away.

'Thank you. Sorry about your shirt,' I say referring to the rip in his shirt from when I *cough * jump on him and *cough* tried to rip his clothes off.

He smiles warmly 'Sorry about yours'

He nods to the burst buttons at the top of my blouse.

'It's cool,' I reply. I'm so lucky to have sure a loving and caring mate.

We're both lucky!  my wolf yells from inside my head.

Yeah, yeah whatever.

“Look, just don't do it again okay. I have to do deal with a shifter whose lost control of his wolf. You two go back to your lesson,”Mr Fenton says as he gets up from his seat and begins to put on his jacket.

He begins walking out the but I jump out of my seat fast enough to intercept him. “Wait, I need to talk to you,”

“Not now Hailey, I have errands,”

“It's important,”

“Hailey,” Ace intervenes, stand up as well  “Let's just leave and let the man do his job,”

Ace moves to hold me hand but I move it out of his reach. “Um, no. You go on without me,”

Ace nods and walks outside the office. I hadn't missed the look in his eyes, a brief flash of red rage. I guess someone doesn't like to be disobeyed. Once he leaves, I turn to Mr Fenton.

“What's going on? Where did Ace come from?”

Mr Fenton signs, clearly not wanting to be talking to me. He quickly dives behind his desk and pulls open a draw, place his laptop on the desk. After a few seconds of clicking he begins to read 

“Ace Cane is part of the new moon pack, a pack that has recently moved to the outskirts of the city. Ace's parents are Nina Cane and Blake Cane. Blake Cane also happens to be the Alpha of the new moon pack...” Mr Fenton looks up at me “Anything else?”

“Yes, not that I'm complaining or anything but what is Ace doing in my school?”

“Well the school is situated in they're land, so technically by sending they're wolves to our school, they're not trespassing,”
I nod, that makes scene.

“Now is that all because I'm late,” He says walking pushing past me. I grab onto his arm before he can walk away.

“One more thing,” I say.

“What?” he groans.

His attitude causes me to growl “What your tone with me!” I snarl in my Alpha's voice.

Mr Fenton bowls his head “I'm sorry, I'll watch my tone next time,”

And with that, he leaves.



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