Alpha Wars

Ace and Hailey are mates...
They're also both equally arrogant Alphas. Can they push there pride aside and have their happily ever after or will they get caught up in their Alpha Wars?...


4. Coming home

I yank open the folding double doors to the pack house.

“We're home!” I announces our arrival as my fellow pack members/ school mates streams into the building.

The pack house -like always- is filled with warm colours, endless noise and friendly faces. I step into the living room and am greeted with Max. He's welcoming the younger pack members, smiling, saying hello, and giving them hugs.

Once our eyes meet, he grins and begins to walk towards me. It's then I notice Emma strolling beside him, hand in hand. Emma has thick hair going down to her waist. Her eyes were a dark shade of brown and her skin was golden caramel.

"Hey maggot,” says Max, earning him a pinch on the arm from Emma.

“Hey you, don't be mean to Hailey,”

“Sorry Hailey, you’re not a maggot,” Max apologies, rubbing his elbow.

“Thank you, Emma,” I say to Emma and stick my tongue out at Maxwell. Emma's always it my back.

Something behind me catches Max's eye.

“Excuse me,” he says brushing past me.

I heed him as he invites a crew of breathers holding flowers into the pack house and guides them into the living room. I catch him humming Justin Bieber again before he closes the door behind him.  Suspicious much?

“Do you know what's on with Max and the singing?” Emma whispers in my ear, causing me to jump.
“I don't know, he's been singing since this morning and gosh you scared me,” I say, clinching my chest.

Emma narrowed her eyes at the door “Well I'm going to find out,” she says stalking towards the door.

I turn around a run upstairs to my room where Ashley and Emita are already on my bed. Emita is jumping on my bed, trying to touch the ceiling while Ashley was sitting on the side of the bed.

“Hey Hailey, come jump with me,” prompts Emita. She jumps even higher, almost reaching the top.

“Get off the bed you-” began Ashley but was interrupted when Emita kicked him in the face and off the bed. She then collapsed on the floor, laughing.

“Emits, that's not nice,” I say trying to stifle a laugh as I walk over towards my desk chair and placing my bag down. Emita just rolled her eyes and flopped onto the bed. Ashley got up from the floor, dusted himself off and sat in the bean bag across the room.

“Yuck, I can still taste your foot in my mouth.”

“Thought you liked the taste of cheese,” replied Emits.

“Not nasty, sweaty, foot fungus cheese!”

Emits rolls her eyes and turns to me,“Where were you at lunch today?”

My head immediately jerks up as I remember where I was, more importantly who I was with at lunchtime.

I fiddle with my nail, “Um, I kinda found my mate-”

“Ace, we know,”

My hands drop to my sides and I frown, “How do you know?”

“Rumours have been doing around the school that you tried to get it on with he new guy in maths class,” says Ashley, “The whole school knows.”

“T-the whole school?"

My checks heat up. How embarrassing. The school knows about my heated moment with Ace?

Emits notices the embarrassed look on my face and shakes her head,“Don't be overdramatic, Ashley. The whole school doesn't know, just a large proportion of it.”

“Jeez, a large proportion, makes me feel so much better,” I say sarcastically.

Emita shrugs, “So you were with Ace lunchtime?"

I nod.

“Well c'mon, spill the beans, I want to know everything.”

I grin and join Emita on the bed, “Well for starters he's soooo smoking hot and-”

“Ah, I don't want to hear this!” Ashley interrupts, both hands covering his ears. Emita lifts the pillow from next to her and throws it at him, “Then get out, nobody wants you here.”

Ashley catches the pillow before placing it beside him.

“Emita, don't be rude,” I say, allow picking up a pillow and throwing it at Ashley, “But seriously Ashley, get out. It's girl time.”

Ashley wasn't expecting my throw and this time it hits him square in the face. Furious, he throws the pillow on the ground and stands up.

“Whatever, I'm gonna go find some other friends.”

“Go do that,” Emita says waving him goodbye.

“I will, and we'll talk about football and GTA and- and-”

“Goodbye Ashley,” I say, standing up and guiding Ashley out before closing the door in his face.

“This is sexism!” I hear Ashley shout through the door before loud footsteps. I laugh. Oh Ashley.

Emita let out a breathe, “Thank god he's gone, he's so annoying. Now, tell me everything.”

A grin a big cheesy grin, looking down at my feet, “Well...”


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