a warm frozen heart

I have so many short storys, poems, and other thaughts that just dont belong in a full out novel. After a long time thinking i decided to put them all together in one place. I love all my stories just the same and I dont want any of them to go to waste so i'v compiled them to one beutiful peice of my heart and mind put to paper. Has been changed to yellow for strong language


3. Lost - a poem

We've all been lost before

I got lost when you cast me away

I lost you in the dark and you took my light with you

You where lost before

When the world told you that you had to walk that path alone

and i found you but now i'm lost again


We've all been lost before

He was lost

When his mother left him,

small and alone in the building of other children

I was there beside him and we played

Then he left too

and i found you but now i'm lost again


We've all been lost before

she was lost

When her boyfreind demanded they never speak again

I held her while she sobed and i felt her pain

but i was only a bandage and she left too

and i found you but now i'm lost again


I'v been lost before

every time one left me i got lost

For one I wasn't even a thaught to them

One moved away and never wrote to me

I would have been ok if you had stayed

But you found me tireing

now I'm lost because I made you my map

you're gone now

so I am lost forevermore



Authors note: i wrote this for one freind that i got along with and liked so much but he recently moved, one that I'v known since childhood but would probably leave me for the nearest guy in sight (and has before (-.-) ), And one whome I love dearly and am still freinds with, but she's one of the angels in my world and losing her would take my world down to ashes. I'm so afraid of losing her and to be honest this week has pretty much been terrible so I needed to vent. Thank you so much for reading :) have a nice day

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