Vampire Bites

At lunch Ellie headed to the bathroom to check her makeup, after she headed to the door but it was locked she pulled on it for a bit but nothing happened, "hello!!" She banged her hands on the door, suddenly the lights started flickering "no please SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!" She screamed as loud as she could then everything went black, she grabbed her phone and called Caroline, she looked in the mirror and saw a dark figure in the corner she dropped her phone and turned around.


1. Just Another Vampire

As I walked through the halls of my my new school I held my head up high and pushed my shoulders back as every eye followed me. I headed to my locker and when i got there three girls were crowding around and whispering. I took a deep breath and asked curiously "can I help you?" All of the girls turned towards me looked at me head to toe and walked away. I opened my locker and my books then headed to class.

At the end of the day I was heading to the exit of the building then someone pulled my shoulders back and pushed me into a dark room. "Hello!" I screamed hoping maybe someone from outside would here me. "Ellie, I'm sorry but new fresh blood around really makes me hungry" I tried to move but someone had a right grip on me, I felt two sharp teeth plunge into my neck "stop! Ple-" before I could finish my sentence someone pushed me out the way. I looked up to a familiar face, "Hi I'm stefan" he bit his wrist and shoved it into my mouth I tried to push it away but he was to strong. I looked at my neck and it was healed I turned back to stefan as he pulled me up. He looked at me with a serious face "I know you're scared and confused but I can take that all away" I shook my head and whispered "I don't want it to go away" Stefan looked at and turned on the light "I need to clean this up, do you want me to walk you home" I smiled "that would be nice, thanks" we headed out and started talking, stefan told me everything about the compilation, how you turn, the blood bags, and all the other vampires, "so those girls that were crowding around my locker, they were vampires?" I asked, he nodded. We reached my house and he gave me a bandaid to cover up the bite. "Please Ellie, if you don't want to be apart of this then tell me I can take it away" I told him I would think about it and tell him in the morning.

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