Liam Paynes Twin Sister

Authors Description
This Movella is about Liam Payne's little twin sister ; Hannah Payne . She experiences friendship , and maybe even more with one of her brothers band mates .


7. 7

Hannah's P. O.V


Once I had finished telling Haley my story she talked . She said , " I'm coming right over with movies and desserts , you get the blankets and the junk food ready . Should I wear my sleep uniform ? "

Our sleep uniform is just an old Baggie hoodie . I replied to her by saying , yes , yes you should . " she said , " Okay ; I'll be over there in 10 minuets ! " I got out of bed and grabbed a tote bag . I ran down to the kitchen and put everything in the tote bag that was imaginable . Chips , Cereal , Pepsi , Granola bars , etc . I just stuffed it all into the bag , and left a note in the pantry .

I then dashed back upstairs to put all the stuff away . I heard the doorbell ring so I ran downstairs only to bump into Liam , almost tripping down the stairs . But he caught me at the last moment . Oh sugar !

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