Liam Paynes Twin Sister

Authors Description
This Movella is about Liam Payne's little twin sister ; Hannah Payne . She experiences friendship , and maybe even more with one of her brothers band mates .


1. 1

Hannah's P.O.V


" Mom , Have you seen my special dress . " I yelled from upstairs . " " Yes Honey it is laid out across your bed , " she yelled back up to me . " Ok , " I shouted back .

If your wondering about who I am , well hello I am Hannah Payne ! Yes , as in Liam Payne's sister . Twin sister to be exact . I am younger than Liam by 2 minutes .

If your wondering why I am getting dressed Ian my special dress is because my boyfriend Jake is taking us on our 1 year anniversary to a special French restaurant that has just opened up .

And no , no one knows that I am Liam Payne's twin sister , because I don't want them to be nice to me just because of my fame . I guess you can say I am fairly popular at school , but I am nice to everyone . And I also am a famous you tuber , and I have 2 million subscribers .

But enough about me let's get back to the present .

I looked at the lavender and emerald clock that was hanging above my walk-in-closet door . It said it was 5:07 ! I have to be ready by 6:00 ! I started rushing around to get ready .

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