Married Before Birth ~NH~

Meeting you is fate, becoming your friend is choice, But falling in love with you is beyond anyone's control.


1. 1

year 1993  ~9 months earlier~


             A week after Rosario's and Arturo's honeymoon, Rosario started feeling sick, her tummy felt funny, every second she had to throw up. She was relaxing on her bed that she shared with her husband, when she felt like throwing up she stood up and ran to the restroom, she got on her knees in front of the toilet and started throwing up.

" well there goes my breakfast.." she muttered

she stood up and flushed the toilet, " maybe i'm sick....might as well make a doctor's appointment" she said to herself.

she washed her hands and went downstairs, and walked all the way to the living room. She grabbed the house phone and called her doctor to make an appointment.

" memorial Herman hospital how may i help you?" 

" i calling to schedule a doctors appointment"

" okay name?"

" Rosario Reyes"

" your appointment will be January 3, 1993 at 2:00 pm"

" okay thanks" 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ doctors appointment~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

" hello Rosario so what is the reason for your visit?" the doctor told Rosario was at her doctors appointment with her husband arturo.

" um well for the past week i've been feeling nauseous and weak" she answered

" okay we are going to take a few test to figure out whats wrong" the doctor told her while she nodded in response.

a few minutes passed and the doctor came back in the room with a huge smile " congratulations! you guys are going to be parents!" he said i smiled i was going to have a baby my own son or daughter i was shocked my husband looked at me he's eyes had tears of joy he gave me a quick peck and smile " we are going to be parents" he said and i nodded

after the great news we went home and kinda talked for a while until he said that he had to go back to work. I took out my phone and called my best friend Maura to give her the news.

" hello, oh my god Rosario i was about to call you i have great news!"

" oh my god Maura really me too!"

" want to meet up somewhere to talk?"

" yes where do you want to go?"

" what about nutella coffee shop?"

" okay i'll be there in five"

" okay bye!"

" bye"

quickly Rosario grabbed the car keys and drove to the nutella coffee shop when she got there she saw her best friend smiling her smile was shining bright

" hey!" Maura said quickly and stood up and hugged her friend

"hey" Rosario said back 

"so what are the news ?" they both said at the same time

" okay you go first!" they said again the laughed and then said 

" what about we say it at the same time?"

"i'm pregnant" 

they smiled at each other and hugged once again 

after the meet up they both went home , the next day the horan's came over and chatted with the Reyes.


" so yesterday i found out i'm having a baby girl!" Rosario said

" really well i found out that i'm having a boy!" Maura said 

bobby and Arturo high fived each other and then bobby said " we could all go baby shopping together" we all nodded all of a sudden our conversation got to the next level we talked about how they could be best friends, and how they would protect each other. " have you heard that parents can get their babies married before they are born?" Maura suddenly said we all looked at each other and smirked its official the families horan and Reyes would come together.

 ~9 months later~

 Rosario currently was talking on the phone with bobby he had told her that Maura was in labor, once they hung up she walked downstairs until she felt a sudden strike of pain it was coming from her belly and it wouldn't stop

" ARTURO ITS TIME!" Arturo immediately grabbed the bag they both prepared and helped her get un the car. She could tell he was nervous he drove as he could and when they got to the hospital Rosario was taken care of they waited until she was dilated enough and then they took her to the surgery room.

" Rosario listen i'm going to stretch you out so it doesn't hurt as much when the baby's head comes out"

she nodded then she saw how he put his whole hand in there and stretched her out it hurt a lot and she was in pain once again.

" Rosario when i count to three your going to push as hard as you can"

Arturo grabbed her hand tightly and smiled he was nervous once again "1...2..3.. push!" i started pushing i winced in pain but she kept pushing " good a little bit more i see the head!" she pushed again and again and again until she heard a little cry she smiled " congratulations its a girl!" they started cleaning her up and then they wrapped her up and gave it to her " whats going to be her name?" this time Arturo spoke up " Scarlet Avery Reyes" he said while smiling down at the baby that was in Rosario's arms




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