Never Fall for a Spy

Hey there my name is Bella Horan but shhh! no one can know. Well my cover name is Andrea Jenkins. why a cover name you ask? Well... You will just have to find out...


10. secrets of the past

                                         Chapter 10: Secrets of the Past



I am rapidly typing on my computer right now trying to see if Luke left any clues or a trail, if he opens the casket... you don't even want to know what could happen. I pulled up the security feed from the train stations, air ports, busses and the bridge. Basically all the transportation areas and exits of the city I fast-forwarded the tape and searched the places there was nothing happening but that's just the thing nothing was happening, something wasn't right, if he wasn't leaving the city why would he stay?

*Niall's POV*

I'm just outside of Andrea's hotel in my car. Something is definitely off. I can't just barge in there. So what am I supposed to do? I seen a car pull into the parking lot and leaned down in the seat of my car. Who is that? Einstein? I laughed to myself quietly. He walked into the lobby so I followed. he went into the elevator and sense I didn't want this guy to see me, guess ill be taking the stairs. I ran up the many stair cases and I finally reached the fifth floor I hid behind a plant and waited he knocked on room 573 and when she answered she gasped. She tried to shut her door but he put his foot in it.

"Tracy, I need to talk to you." The man said. Tracy? I thought her name was Andrea?

"No Luke."

"I'm still in love with you!" 'Luke' shouts. Was she, is she...Cheating on Liam?

"Wha-what?" She asks. Andrea or Tracy or whoever she is stops trying to shut the door.

"Let me in. Let me explain. Please!" Luke begs. She stays quiet for a moment like she's thinking.

Why did he call her Tracy? Is she lying to us? About everything? Has she been cheating on Liam? He'd be devastated. I looked down at my phone, tempted to call him. No, I can't. He didn't even want me to go in the first place. I sighed. I looked back up and Luke was gone. His car was still there and the door was shut. She let him in. Then my phone started to ring. I looked down and it was Liam. I should answer, but I can't. If I don't though, then he'll get worried. Holding my breath, I picked up the phone and put it to my ear. 


"Don't hey me! What's wrong!? Where is she!? Is she okay!?" Liam yelled into the phone. Be honest, be honest, be honest!

"Nothing's wrong, she is at her hotel it seems and she seems fine. Nothing to worry about Liam, she is probably visiting a sick relative." That wasn't honest. I just lied right through my teeth. i heard Liam sigh of relief.

"Okay. Thanks man. I can always count on you. Have you talked to her?"


"Should I call her? Figure out what the emergency was?" Oh no.

"No! She'll flip if she knows I followed her! It'll sound worse coming from you, I should talk to her. I'll get back to you!" I hurriedly spoke.

"Alright then. Talk to you soon."

"Yeah. Bye." I hung up the phone. He can't call her, she can't know, I can't talk to her...

i heard something slam from inside the suite. She's in trouble. She needs my help. So what if she gets mad? I have to go in...


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