Love Poems

these are poems about my crush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very personal and hope u like them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1. Poems

My love for you is like a couple of doves

that shine above trying not to think of

but i'm tired of not telling

my love for you


I stick to you like glue

I tried to talk to you 

as we passed through

when I run into you

I can see through your beautiful hazel eyes

I look up to you

I only wish I could fall into you


When I see you look in to her eyes

I feel tears roll down as i cry

It's hard to explain what I feel inside

Yet I've tried but i just push it aside


When I see you I get the Butterflies

As you pass on by and I don't want

To say goodbye to your beautiful hazel eyes


I miss you thats true

And me looking into your eyes

Your my friend and I dont want that to end

My love for you flows down like a river

When i see you I get the shivers



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