Short Story Collection

Chapter one- Dreams of Today
Romance, one shot, confession of love between two friends.

More short stories will be added later.

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1. Story Story- Dreams of Today

Dreams of Today

Sarrah had a dark horrible past and it lurked as a shadow, following her. A horrid memory enveloped Sarrah- taking her breath and stilling her movement as she was immersed in that day she had been left for dead.

"Sarrah, are you okay? Hey!" Greg said when he saw the fear in her hazel eyes and gently shook her shoulder. Sarrah found his brown eyes and saw the intense look of concern that stood out on his face.

"I’m okay, just remembered that one time long ago. Sorry that I worry you so much." She brushed a few stray strands of hair from her face then let her hand fall aside. Then they both continued walking down the narrow street with a chill in the night air.

Greg was constantly worrying about Sarrah, wondering if he was enough to keep the pain away or her fears at bay. Since he met Sarrah on her very own deathbed, he knew even she was covered in blood that day; he wanted to protect her from then onward.

"Are you sure? Your skin is pale white." He snagged her hand, interweaving their fingers. Their hands fitted perfectly together, Greg's was warm against hers. He knew how to fill Sarrah with relief and chase away the last of the terrible monster.

"I swear that I'm fine now. Okay?" Sarrah sighed, giving his hand a gentle squeeze.

Greg was a friend to Sarrah- a trusted one at that. She told him everything, well almost. Sarrah was not going to tell Greg that she had a crush on him for the past year. Greg looked after her, like a brother she guessed. While she was completing a course at a local college, Greg allowed her to stay at his house. In return for her room, she cleaned the house and fed the cat named Lugnut.

Seeing the house in the distance, they walked in silence the rest of the way. Sarrah felt her emotions fly high inside of her at the touch of Greg's hand. They were almost at the door of the house when they heard a sound other than the wind.

"Meow." Lugnut's head appeared around the corner of the house. She released Greg's hand and scooped up the cat into her arms. The cat nuzzled her cheek as he began to rumble a deep pur.

"Darn it, Lugnut. Stop stealing her," Greg sighed as he unlocked the door to the house."Why is he out so late?"

"I let him out earlier today. I think he is just got back himself." She stepped past him into the small house, Lugnut jumped to the ground and he went off to find his food bowl. Sarrah hung up her jacket on the wall.

"Want to help me make dinner?" Greg called as he headed for the kitchen.

"Do you like burnt food as your favorite dish?" She retorted, for some reason she had never mastered the art of cooking. Thank goodness the guy could or they would have both starved long ago.

The phone rang in the hall, so she went to pick it up, but Greg got there first. He whispered into the receiver, not noticing her with his back towards her.

Sarrah turned, walked into her room and closed the door. She wondered why he had to be a medical technician at the hospital, because when they called he would leave for the long hours that he worked there. She knew if not for him, she might not have lived after that car hit her. She struggled to handle her feelings for him. Sarrah realized that she loved Greg and wanted to cry, rush out, beg him not to leave. Her selfishness had always surprised her, knowing that he was needed to aid the doctors but wanting him with her. A single tear wandered down Sarrah's cheek, it was a prelude to the flood that came soon after.

There was a knock at the door, then it opened and Greg stood there.

"Sarrah, can I talk to you?" He asked as he stepped into the room, finally noticing the tears and he stopped at the sight of them.

Sarrah quickly turned, not wanting Greg to see her as she was at the moment. She rubbed the trace of the tears away. As she did that Greg came up from behind and turned her to face him.

"What's a matter?" He asked simply with a look of soft concern on his face.

She curved her head away, avoiding his searching eyes."Nothing..."

"Sarrah, please, tell me." Greg cupped her chin in his hand and tilted Sarrah's face up to force her eyes to meet his. He brushed away a tear that escaped down her tender cheek along her jaw line."Please?"

Sarrah closed her eyes for a moment, her heart and mind battled one another for control The mind won this time and ice crept over her. She smiled, glazing over her torment."Nothing, nothing at all. Don't you have to go to work?"

"No, they just called to say that I was approved for my request off tomorrow, but...That's not what is wrong, is it?"

"It's nothing really..." She tried to smile again and failed. Her cover of ice shattered and with the ice her resolve for it was gone.

"Since you're not going to tell me what is wrong, I have something I want to tell you." He paused and Sarrah felt her heart shudder in that brief silence."Sarrah, I want to be more than a guy that has helped you in the hospital, more than just your friend."

"What do you mean?" Sarrah asked, not wanting to hear the answer she so desperately wanted to hear.

"What I'm saying is that I love you. I'm wanting for us to be a couple and maybe more than that in time." Greg ran a nervous hand through his wavy brown hair.

Sarrah thought she had died and gone to heaven in that moment. Elated as she heard those words, she also thought it was a dream but the realization set in. She flung her arms around him, clinging to him, she whispered a excited "yes" into his ear.

They found something special right then and both laughed as Greg swung Sarrah around once, crushing her against him. Neither noticed the cat until Lugnut pounced on both of them and he was added to the joyful hug.

The End

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