The new student

It's a fan fiction about Luke Benward, who falls for you. You guys start dating and everything is perfect. But.. Then something happens and it could destroy your relationship.


1. The meeting

It's 7 am Monday morning and you have to go to school....

You take some clothes on and put your make-up on. You take your bag and head out of the door, and walk down to the bus stop. The bus stops and you can see that some of your friends are sitting in the back.

Your friends: Hi ______!

You: Hi Annika, Taylor, Jay, Alex, Sandra, Cecilie, Christian, Nikita and Stina.

The bus is driving.... And you guys are all talking.

The bus stops in front of your school.

You all go out, while you are talking. Suddenly a tall boy, bumps into you and you trip.

New boy: Oh sorry, I didn't mean to make you fall or anything.

You: It's okay.

He reaches out to help you up. But you don't want any help.

Your friends come over and help you up.

The new boy walks away.

You run after and in front of him.

You: I think we had a little tuff start, don't you?

You: Hi I'm _______!

New boy: Hi _________ I'm Luke

You: Hi Luke!

Your friends came over and said hi to Luke.

You: So you are new?

Luke: Yes, but I don't know where I'm supposed to be?

You: I can help you, if you want me to?

Luke: Sure! I'm starting in 11th grade.

You: It's the same as me!

Luke: Cool!

You: I'll show you the way.

Luke: Thanks!

The sound of the bell ends your conversation.

You: Come with me!

Luke: Okay!

You all went inside.

You all find a seat and the teacher walks through the door.

*Luke is siding alone, in front of the teachers table.

Teacher: Hello students!

All: Hello Mrs. Jones!

Mrs. Jones: We have a new student in class, his name is Luke Benward. Where is he?

Luke: *raises his hand* I'm here! _______ helped me!

Mrs. Jones: That was really sweet of you _______.

You: I'm glad I could help! *you smile towards Luke*

Mrs. Jones: Okay, take your history book out and see on page 45.

Luke: *raises his hand*

Mrs. Jones: Yes Luke?

Luke: I don't have any books?

Mrs. Jones: Alright, ________ move your table up to Luke's. You 2 can share _______'s book.

You: Okay.

You: *moves your table up to Luke's*

Luke: *smiles at you* hi.

The lessens ends and the first break begin.

Suddenly Alex pulls you outside.

Alex: Do you like Luke?

You: Uhh.... No

Alex: Okay. But I don't believe you. He is so cute!

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