Life and Death

Life looks over to Death who focus is on the sunset. She says to him, "Death? Why do people love me, but hate you?" she looks at him with all her inacense and he says in a guff voice, "Because I am the ugly truth and you are the beautiful lie".


1. Life and Death

Life is sweet. She is young innocent. New to the world in so many ways but she had been around just as long as Death. Because without Life, Death wouldn't exist and without Death, Life wouldn't exist. Life knows this, yet she doesn't understand, why people love her and hate him. Yes, he is scary, I guess, he's tall and has black curly horns on his head to go with his pointed ears and teeth. His fingers are long and skinny like the rest of him, and they look like they had been dipped in black paint the same as his legs and face, but he has white hair which makes him look old. Death always wears a black hooded vest and black jeans. Life wears a pale pink dress which flows down her body much, in the same way, her blue hair cascades down to her shoulders, little birds always surround her, Life enjoys them, but Death isn't fond of them, another thing Life doesn't understand.


Death's face is narrow and looks haunted by all the lives he takes. Life knows he hates to talk about it, but she sometimes gets him to talk but not for long. She's only ever seen him smile once, there was a little girl, when Life was only little herself, Death was watching over her and when Life got scared because Death had to take this girls life- Life begged him not to he let her give the girl life again and as Life smiled at the girl as her parents wrapped their arms around her and cried Death let slip a small smile,he knew he had done something good,  and Life was forever grateful that she got to give that little girl another day to fight her cancer and try and beat it, even though Death knew she would never beat it, he allowed Life to help her believe she might have one day.


One day, they sat together on the edge of the clouds and watched as they beautiful sunset over the tiny world they both controlled and created. Life's birds chirp away as the settle down, Death's face wears a look of hate of the noise, but he doesn't say anything. Life swings her legs backwards and forwards over the ledge, she smiles as the sun disappears, then she looks over to Death who sits hands beside him and hunched over, "Death?" she asks he doesn't answer but looks over at her, his black eyes glowing in the half light, "Why is it that people love me...But hate you?" she looks ashamed by her question because she knows that people hate him and fear him but she doesn't, and she doesn't want him to think she does. He smiles with the corners of his mouth and takes one of her birds, "Because of you, my dear," he says as the bird struggles it's last few breaths. "You are the beautiful lie, and I am the ugly truth" he says as the bird takes its final breath, Life looks at him, then down at the bird, "I don't think you're the ugly truth" she says, and he smiles at her, "I know my love".



Life and Death


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