Just a whisper

Jordan was normal 15 year old. Untill she found out she had to move to Ireland because her parents were getting a divorced. One day Maura are next door neighbor invites Jordan and her dad over for dinner, where she meets a strange blonde haired boy. Does she have feelings? Or not? Do they fall in love? Or does drama happen?


1. Silence

**Jordan`s P.O.V**

I woke up. I still couldn`t believe my eyes. It was moving day. I only had 4 hours to say goodbye to all the people i loved. So technically Kaitlyn. I got up out of bed and took a shower. I threw on what was infrount of me and went down to eat breakfast. I grabbed my car keys even through i only have my permit, Kaitlyn only lives down the road so i can make it with out getting caught. As I arrived at Kaitlyn`s house, I noticed something was different. It was dark and silent. I went up to knock. No answer. So i hopped into my car and texted Kaitlyn. Still no answer after 10 minutes. So i drove back to my house. I grabbed the rest of my things and drove to the airport to met my dad. Thank god didn`t get caught. I looked through the airport to find dad, I finally found him. 

"Hi hunny, ready to go?"

"Yeah sure i guess. How long is this flight?"

"7 hours."


As we boarded the plane, I put in my earphones and sat in a seat next to a curly headed boy. He taps my shoulder, I turn over and take out my earphones. 

"May i help you?"

"Uh i thought since im on a plane with you for 7 hours that i should get to know you."

"Oh okay......"

"So what`s your name? Im Harry, Harry Styles."

"It`s Jordan, Jordan Huffman."

"Cool, why are you going to Ireland?"

"My parents got divorced and my dad got a job offer in Ireland. How about you?"

"My sister Gemma has a modeling job down here. But i live in Ireland with my mom."

"Cool, so is that enough to know?"

"Yeah i guess. Nice to meet you."

"You to." I said as i turned around and put in my earphones.

This is going to be a long trip.

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